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New salt. Old office furniture was used to build booths for homeless cats. #zerowaste #upcycling

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They changed the furniture in the office, gave the old one a new life. In Nowa Sól (Lubuskie Province), clerical desks and wardrobes were used to build boxes for free-living cats. Some of the houses can already be spotted on the streets of the city.

Fall and winter are difficult times for homeless animals. The authorities of Nowa Sól remind the residents not to hesitate to help their pets. And the employees of the Municipal Economic and Technical Back-up Center decided to set a good example. As? They give a second life to old furniture from the office and use it to build insulated booths for free-living cats.

– We have a mini sawmill in which we collect wood from, for example, trees that have suffered in the storms. Under the right conditions, it is dried and then made into boards, which we use for various repairs of municipal infrastructure. The booths for animals are partly made of this wood, and the interior of the houses – from furniture that we had to replace after several years in the office – says Ewa Batko, spokeswoman for the magistrate in Nowa Sól.


They have about 1,200 cats

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Each booth is insulated with polystyrene and secured with tar paper. So far, about 30 such houses have been built, some of them have already been set up in the city. – A resident contacted us via social media and indicated the place where she saw the cat living in a cardboard box. We reacted immediately and set up a booth there. When planning the next locations, we want to work with our volunteers who know best where the help will be needed – adds the spokeswoman.

According to estimates by the city hall, about 1,200 stray cats live in Nowa Sól. Most of them find shelter in cellars or abandoned buildings.

Not only booths

Municipal officials also emphasize that free-living cats are an important part of the urban ecosystem.

– We love animals and we try to help them with our heart, but also with our head. That is why we not only build booths for cats, but also make sure that they do not reproduce uncontrollably. In addition, we have an agreement with over 100 volunteers who receive food from the city office and ensure that homeless animals have enough to eat. Many institutions also collect pet food and provide it to us – adds Batko.

Booths for homeless animals are made of old furnitureFB- Nowa Sól

Main photo source: FB- Nowa Sól

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