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New tapes. Mateusz Morawiecki is a “German agent” and where are the “biggest jams”

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Many attacks on the right wing were supposedly “the work of Morawiecki and his people.” The former prime minister is a “German agent” whose ambition is to become the “leader of the false right.” Those recorded also say where the “biggest jams” are. These are quotes from another tape related to the Justice Fund scandal. TVP journalists reached her.

The media, including tvn24.pl, have been publishing further tapes related to the Justice Fund scandal since last week.

This time, in the recording described by TVP Info on Monday evening, the then deputy minister of justice, Marcin Romanowski, says to Tomasz Mraz, then the director of this ministry, that in his opinion, many right-wing attacks are inspired by him himself. Mateusz Morawiecki. At some point, an “unknown woman” also participates in the conversation – we read on the public television website.

Tomasz Mraz he is the former director of the Justice Fund Department. He is one of seven people charged by the National Prosecutor's Office in connection with the fund. On May 23 – the day after the meeting in the Sejm, during which Mraz talked about how the Justice Fund operated – the prosecutor's office announced in a message on its website that Mraz (in the statement as Tomasz M.) “provided very extensive explanations, which were analyzed and verification”. According to the prosecutor's office, this includes, among others: Based on these explanations, searches were carried out in the homes of Sovereign Poland politicians in March.

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Marcin Romanowski he is a former deputy minister of justice and plenipotentiary Zbigniew Ziobro for the Justice Fund. As revealed by the tvn24.pl portal, this includes, among others: the prosecutor's office plans to waive his immunity in connection with the investigation into the fund. On March 26, the Internal Security Agency searched his apartment.

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Morawiecki is a “German agent”

It is not known when the video published by public television was recorded. From the information contained therein, it can be concluded that the conversation took place after elections parliamentary elections from 2023. As described by the TVP Info portal, Romanowski talks about his impressions of his parliamentary work in an interview with Mraz. At one point, the recording mentions alleged allegations against the then head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak.

Tomasz Mraz: “Well, when you read it, Błaszczak's accusations are heavy (unintelligible)…”
Marcin Romanowski: “Charges?”
Tomasz Mraz: “Well, for a racket, no charges yet, but they want, they want… to file a complaint. They just want to clean up 1/3 of the right side of the political scene.”
Marcin Romanowski: “You know, I'll tell you honestly, unfortunately, this is the work of Morawiecki and his circle. Do you think it's a coincidence that Borys (…) is still in his position? After all, there are the biggest jams there. Have you seen anyone attacking Was Morawiecki seriously summoned by the commission?
Tomasz Mraz: “It was only yesterday that it appeared that…”
Marcin Romanowski: “Dude, this is so thickly sewn that I'm convinced that all these attacks on the fund are inspired by him and Banaś. It's one clique. The guy just wants to become the leader of the lying right-wing, no. Just like his daddy – a Russian agent and he, I don't know which German one, or both.”
Tomasz Mraz: “It completely destroys Poland”
Marcin Romanowski: “Well, they're doing Kulturkampf.”

“Morawiecki is using various tools here to destroy us”

TVP Info notes that an “unknown woman” appears at the end of the conversation.

He quotes Romanowski, who says: “(unintelligible) inside information from the prosecutor's office, that they take these activities seriously. We also need to be very prepared for procedural activities. I am preparing such material, something collected, on how to behave when they break in at 6 a.m. or are called for questioning. You know, not only for us, but for people in general, not… (…) You know, unfortunately, but as I was telling Tomek now, these things also have to be looked at in a political context. Different people, including ours circles are inspiring various attacks on us to distract attention from their sins. This is part of the fight for power on the right. Morawiecki is using various tools to destroy us.

To the woman's comment that “there doesn't seem to be anything new there,” the then deputy minister of justice replies that “nothing new appears in many cases.”

Woman: “How much can you heat with the same thing, you know?”
Marcin Romanowski: “But now the point is that they will want to proceed with the implementation. They want to bring charges against Błaszczak for the racket, no, and who will stop them, for Glap the State Tribunal (laughter). They are starting the prosecutor's office to maintain that they will find something there. They are convinced “We did who knows what things there.”

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Main photo source: Piotr Molecki/EastNews

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