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New traffic organization on S7, between Modlin and Czosnów

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The contractor of the investment is starting works within the current Błonie junction, which connects the expanded S7 expressway with DK85 and the voivodeship road No. 579. As a result, the organization of traffic between Kazuń Nowy and Czosnów will change, announced the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

Road builders indicated in the communication that due to the construction of the Błonie junction, the current intersection of S7, DK85 and DW579 will be changed into a level crossing with traffic lights. The new mileage DW579 will also be included here.

Changes in traffic towards Warsaw and Gdańsk

“From this point, the existing S7 roadway towards Warsaw will be closed to traffic, and drivers will use the neighboring roadway. Traffic towards Gdańsk will be taken over by Warszawska Street, parallel to the S7, which will become one-way” – they stipulated.

Change in traffic organization at the S7 Modlin – Czosnów construction siteGDKKiA

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“On a short section of the current S7, in the area of ​​ul. Pańska (Czosnów/Dębina), traffic in both directions will take place on the roadway towards Gdańsk in a variable cross-section of 2+1, which should minimize difficulties. Signaling devices will be placed above the roadway indicating the organization of traffic on the lanes Just like in a road tunnel, a green arrow displayed above the lane will mean that it can be used.

As indicated further, a red cross is a traffic ban. On working days, in the morning, two lanes will be available in the direction of Warsaw, and in the afternoon, in the opposite direction, two lanes in the direction of Gdańsk. On weekends and holidays, the number of lanes in a given direction will depend on traffic peaks.

The exit from Czosnów towards Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki is closed

At the height of Czosnów, drivers will have access to both carriageways of the current S7. Departure from Czosnów towards Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki ul. Warszawska will be closed, and access will be possible via DK7.

Such a change in the organization of traffic was introduced on Thursday, late in the evening. “This is related to the temporary closure of S7 between Kazuń Nowy and Czosnów, DK85 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki – Czosnów and DW579 in Kazuń Nowy, among others, in order to complete road markings” – it was indicated.

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Prime Minister Morawiecki on road investments in PolandTVN24

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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