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New Year’s Eve 2023. Firefighters and rescuers advise how to launch fireworks safely

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Fireworks and firecrackers sometimes, instead of flying into the sky, fall into apartments, cause fires, and explode in people’s hands. All it takes is a moment of inattention and you can remember New Year’s Eve for the rest of your life. Therefore, firefighters and paramedics appeal for caution and remind people of basic safety rules.

The end of a short madness, often filled with champagne, can be dangerous, and New Year’s Eve can be like a nightmare. – The mother was saving children who were sleeping in a room where a firecracker fell through an open window after midnight and was a direct threat to the lives of these little children, and the mother lost part of her arm – recalls Dr. Hab. Anna Chrapusta, specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

That’s why experts remind us the most important safety rules when we want to welcome the New Year with fireworks. First of all, do not fire them from your hand or towards other people, because it is a deadly mixture. Moreover, paramedic Aleksy Modliński emphasizes that the ignition should only be done by adults and sober people.

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Firecrackers fired upwards cause fires and fall into apartments. – There were fireworks at midnight. My friend opened the windows to see them, then a firecracker fell into our house and injured my child – says one of the men. The face of a six-month-old girl was burned. Doctors also saved her eye.

The last such New Year’s Eve celebration? The bill banning firecrackers is to leave the parliamentary freezerMarzanna Zielińska/Fakty TVN

Appeals to stay safe

Last New Year’s Eve, there were 700 fires caused by fireworks – the most in Lower Silesia and Silesia. As many as five people died in the fires.

Number of fires caused by fireworksState fire brigade

Not only is lighting fireworks dangerous, but storing them is also dangerous. In December, a Biedronka supermarket caught fire in Mieścisko. Fireworks stored in the store exploded.

In Poznań, a few years ago, a thirteen-year-old boy lost his hand and forearm after a firecracker exploded. A real warehouse was found in his house, although a more appropriate word would be an arsenal of 400 firecrackers. – We really warn children not to have such things in their hands – emphasizes senior post. Danuta Ofianewska from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Szczecin.

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The Government Center for Security appeals not to get lost in the New Year’s Eve fun. – Emergency medical services always go to people with broken limbs on New Year’s Eve – emphasizes the junior asp. Bartosz Sacharewicz from the State Fire Service in Białystok.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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