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New York. After 30 years, the identity of the victim with the scorpion tattoo was established

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The woman whose charred body was found in New York’s Staten Island in September 1991 is 30-year-old Christine Belusko, the local prosecutor’s office said. The victim’s identity was established after more than three decades thanks to DNA testing. Investigators have still not been able to locate Christine’s daughter, Christy Nicole. She was two years old when her mother died.

The New York Prosecutor’s Office announced the solution to a crime mystery from years ago at a press conference organized on Tuesday, March 21. According to the investigators, the identity of the woman murdered in 1991 was established thanks to the analysis of the genetic material taken from her. The examination revealed that the victim was Christine Belusko, 30, then living in New Jersey.

The police also established that the murdered woman had a daughter – Christa Nicole, two years old at the time of her mother’s death, who would be 34 today. However, investigators have not been able to locate her so far.

We’ve already informed the family. We are still trying to reach out to Christy Nicole to tell her who her mother was and what we did to solve this case,” Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon told a news conference on Tuesday. “We will never return her mother, but we want Christa Nicole and her family to know that she has never been forgotten.”

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New York. The murder of Christine Belusko

As the New York Post explains, Christine Belusko’s charred body was found by a random clinic on September 20, 1991. The corpse, handcuffed to the wrists, lay in the brush along the road near South Beach on Staten Island. Police determined that the woman had been struck thirteen times on the back of the head with a hammer found at the crime scene. Investigators hoped that the inscription “Lloyd L” on the handle of the bloody tool would lead them to the killer, but this was a dead end.

The New York Post adds that police seized two gold chains, a watch, 30 cents and a pack of cigarettes from Belusko’s body. On one of the woman’s buttocks there was a characteristic tattoo of a scorpion. However, none of the clues led the police to identify the killer – it is still unknown who is behind this crime.

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New York Post, Sky News

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