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New York – Residents of 432 Park Avenue want $ 250 million in damages

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Faulty elevators, floods and unbearable noises are just some of the daily problems that residents of one of New York’s tallest and most prestigious skyscrapers have to contend with. Now the tenants of the skyscraper at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan are suing developers for failing to fix around 1,500 faults and are demanding $ 250 million, the BBC website reported.

A lawsuit worth $ 250 million (nearly PLN 1 billion) was filed with the New York Supreme Court on Thursday. In it we read that the problems in the building included an electric explosion in June that left the occupants without electricity and “terrible”, inexplicable noises and vibrations.

However, the above-mentioned $ 250 million does not include criminal damages or individual court cases that may occur later.


Skyscraper to be fixed – $ 250 million lawsuit

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The 426-meter-high skyscraper, erected in the Billionaire District in Manhattan, was commissioned in 2015. According to the New York Times, the buyers included Jennifer Lopez and her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez, Saudi retail magnate Fawaz Alhokair, and a member of the family that owns the Jose Cuervo Tequila brand. According to the newspaper, the apartments were sold for tens of millions of dollars, the BBC website described.

A total of 1,500 structural and design defects have been identified by engineers employed by the property management. The NYT quoted one of the locals as describing that the tower’s garbage chute sounds “like a bomb blast” when in use.

Many of the issues were described in the lawsuit as “safety of life issues”. It stated that the building’s elevators had left residents immobilized for hours on several occasions. “Apartment owners paid tens of millions of dollars to buy them. These are not the ultra-luxurious spaces they were promised, the owners were sold apartments in a building plagued by breakdowns,” the complaint reads.

The investor – a company formed by developers CIM Group and Macklowe Properties – said in a statement to local media that 432 Park is “Manhattan’s most important resident” and an “iconic addition” to the New York skyline. The statement added that housing management had “restricted access” to the property to resolve problems, and that the homeowners’ association and “some high-profile residents” did not understand the investor’s responsibilities.

CIM Group and Macklowe Properties did not respond to a request for comment from the BBC.

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