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New Zealand. The government wants to help teenagers deal with the pain of a breakup

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New Zealand authorities have launched a new campaign aimed at helping young people after a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend. – We want to support our youth so that they can deal with harm – pointed out the deputy minister of social development. In the longer term, the campaign aims to make young people approach relationships differently in the future.

On Wednesday, the New Zealand authorities launched a campaign entitled Love Better. It aims to help young people cope after parting with their partner and support them in this difficult time. The initiator of the campaign is the Ministry of Social Development.

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The “Love Better” campaign aims to help young people

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New Zealand authorities want to show young people healthy ways to deal with the negative emotions that accompany a breakup. As the “Guardian” notes, the campaign is accompanied by a promotional video featuring young people talking about how they go through breakups. They advise, for example, to remove former partners from their social media. The recording was published on Internet platforms popular among young people, such as TikTok and Instagram. More videos, articles and podcasts are coming soon.

The cost of the campaign is to amount to NZD 6.4 million (approx. PLN 17.3 million) over three years. Some of the funds will go to youth organization Youthline, a campaign that young people can call and write a message asking for advice on matters of the heart.

We know breakups hurt. We want to support our youth to deal with harm and know that it can be dealt with without harming themselves or others, said Deputy Minister of Human Development Priyanca Radhakrishnan. According to her, this type of program has not been introduced in any other country in the world so far. – We have very high rates of domestic and sexual violence in New Zealand. We are working to reverse them and we know that to do this we need an innovative approach, she added. In the longer term, the campaign aims to ensure that young people will have a healthier approach to relationships in the future.

According to a Kantar study commissioned by the New Zealand government in 2022, 62% of of people aged 16-24 experienced a breakup, and 72 percent admitted that they had suffered harm because of it or had caused it themselves.

If you are experiencing emotional problems and would like advice or support, here you will find a list of organizations offering professional help – for both children and adults.

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