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New Żukowice. Jakub Augustyn is missing. He was last seen on Friday

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The search for 37-year-old Jakub Augustyn, a resident of Nowe Żukowice (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), is underway. The man was last seen on July 7 after 2 pm in Tarnów on Błonie Street. Since then, he has not returned to his place of residence, nor has he made contact with his relatives.

According to the Lesser Poland police, Jakub Augustyn was last seen on July 7 after 2 pm in Tarnów on Błonie Street. He was driving a light blue Skoda car with registration number RDE JX17. To date, he has not returned to his place of residence and has not made contact with his relatives.

City surveillance video recorded the car of the missing person

The family and relatives of the missing man are involved in the search for the man. As they say, the 37-year-old last contacted his wife on the day of his disappearance around 1 p.m. “The last activity of the missing phone was set at 2.29 p.m. Since then, he has not made any contact with his family or friends and his phone remains inactive” – ​​they reported relatives of the missing person.

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As they determined, the missing person’s car was registered by municipal monitoring – around 14:05 in Tarnów near the Auchan store, at 14:13 in Zaczarnie, at 14:29 in Wola Rzędzińska, the missing person was supposed to head towards Tarnów.

Description of the missing Jakub Augustyn

Description of the missing person: ● 175 cm tall, ● heavy build, ● blond, long hair – tied in a ponytail, ● short sides, ● blue eyes.

On the day he disappeared, he was wearing a dark NIKE T-shirt, camo shorts with side pockets, and light gray sneakers.

The missing 37 Jakub AugustynLesser Poland Police

People who have any information about the missing person are asked to contact the duty officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Tarnów at tel. 47 831 12 22 or 112.

Main photo source: Lesser Poland Police

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