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Newborns. They go to houses and take pictures. The mayor is urging residents to be vigilant

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Suspicious people drive cars around Nowosielce (Podkarpackie Province) and photograph selected properties. Appalled by the inhabitants, they leave without saying a word. They have to drive cars with foreign registration plates – e.g. white Skoda and dark Toyota. They were also supposed to target the village head’s house. – Neighbors saw strangers taking pictures of him – admits the host of Nowosielec and appeals for neighborly vigilance.

Suspicious cars have been circling the streets of Nowosielec in the Sanok poviat for several days. On June 14, an announcement appeared on the village’s website in social media, with information about “suspicious behavior of people traveling by car” through the streets of the village, who, in the absence of owners, are to drive up to private properties and photograph houses, garages and cars.

– I’ve been getting notifications from the residents of our village about “foreign” cars hanging around the village for about two weeks – Grzegorz Wolanin, the mayor of Nowosielec tells me.

The last one – a few days ago. A dozen in total. Each of them sounds similar: – Residents talk about cars that drive slowly, stop at properties and a person through a lowered window photographs selected properties – reports the mayor.

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“One of the residents told me that when he approached them to ask what they wanted, they immediately left without a word of explanation.”

That’s why I decided to post an announcement on social media. It’s about prevention – explains the owner of Nowosielec.

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Toyota on Krakow numbers, white Skoda on Silesian ones

The mayor’s property was also to be watched. – Neighbors informed me that a Toyota with Krakow numbers drove up to my house and someone from the car was taking pictures. Neighbors asked if I was selling the house. I replied that I didn’t know anything about it. And he adds: – When I asked for details, they replied that a man was driving a car with a woman who was taking pictures of my property through the lowered window.

As my interlocutor continues, the residents of Nowosielce were also supposed to see, among others, white skoda with Silesian numbers, from which the passenger was also supposed to photograph properties in the village.

Grzegorz Wolanin, mayor of Nowosielectvn24.pl

“They drove up to my brother’s house and took pictures”

I’m asking about mystery cars, e.g. at your local grocery store and pharmacy. – I heard about it, people talk among themselves about cars circulating in the village. I also saw an advertisement on the Internet, although I did not notice anything alarming – one of the salespeople tells me.

“They were at my brother’s house,” a young woman who is listening to our conversation interjects.

They went to his house and took pictures. They also photographed several neighboring properties – he says.

He adds that a similar situation happened a few years ago. At that time, cars with foreign registration plates were to circulate around the town, whose passengers photographed selected properties. One of the houses was also to be robbed.

– I do not live in a very grand house, so I am not afraid of thieves, but I must admit that the very fact that there are strangers in the village, whose intentions I do not know, makes me feel insecure – admits my interlocutor.

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In Nowosielce, residents noticed “suspicious” cars with foreign registration plates, whose passengers are supposed to photograph propertiestvn24.pl

Thieves don’t have holidays

The holiday season is approaching, and burglars – as the police emphasize – do not have holidays. Only from June 1 to June 20, there were 61 burglarys in Podkarpacie. Since the beginning of this year, the police have recorded 463 such events in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

Last year, the police reported nearly 60 burglaries in the Sanok district.

– The holiday period may be favorable for burglars because of going on holidays and leaving houses and flats unattended – admits staff assistant Anna Oleniacz, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Sanok.

That is why – as the uniformed officer emphasizes – it is so important to be vigilant of residents and provide the police with all information about suspicious people hanging around the property.

– We appeal to residents to report such situations to the police and call the emergency number 112 if they notice a “stranger” car or people they do not know taking pictures of their properties – appeals Oleniacz.

As the uniformed officer emphasizes, it is important in such cases to remember as many details as possible, e.g. the vehicle registration number, its brand, characteristics of the car or the distinguishing marks of people who take photos of the property.

– Any such information can contribute to the improvement of security in the place of residence or prevent a burglary planned by criminals – points out the aspirant Oleniacz.

Because – as he adds – the pattern of thieves’ operation, despite the fact that they use new techniques in their criminal activity, has remained unchanged for years: a burglary is always preceded by the so-called recognition. – These people determine whether the property has a fence, whether the gate is locked, whether there is a dog or video surveillance in the house, what type of door is installed, whether there is outdoor lighting that has motion sensors, how close neighbors live, what is the distance of the house from the road the main one – enumerates the uniformed officer.

All this information – as he emphasizes – makes it much easier for burglars to “work”.

– That is why every signal from the residents that raises anxiety, and is related to strangers watching the surrounding houses, is very important and should be forwarded to the appropriate services as soon as possible – reminds the aspirant Anna Oleniacz.

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There will be a poster campaign and a meeting with the residents

The mayor’s post on social media with a warning about suspicious cars moving around the village was shared more than two hundred times. In this way, residents warn themselves of potential danger. – And that, among other things, was my goal to make the information reach as many residents as possible – admits the host of Nowosielec.

It doesn’t end there. The mayor is also planning a poster campaign informing about suspicious cars driving around Nowosielce. – I am mainly talking about older people who do not have access to the Internet, but are used to getting information, for example, from information boards that are placed around the village. We will put posters there with a warning and information on what to pay attention to – explains Grzegorz Wolanin.

The mayor also wants to organize a meeting with the residents, to which he plans to invite police officers. – I mean prevention, to make people aware of potential dangers. There is nothing like direct contact with an officer who will clearly and clearly explain how we should act – my interlocutor adds.

– I would also like to appeal to the residents of Nowosielec and neighboring towns to report any suspicious events to the police or directly to me – says the mayor.

But mysterious people in cars with foreign license plates, photographing houses, cars and properties, are not only a problem in Nowosielec in Podkarpacie. Similar incidents were also reported to have taken place in several towns in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, which was reported by the local media at the beginning of the year. Suspicious cars were supposed to be seen by residents, e.g. in Krotoszyn, the commune of Gizałki and the district of Pleszew.

Regardless of where similar incidents occur, the police appeal to inform the services about each of them by calling the emergency number 112 or the nearest police unit.

Are you going on holidays? Better not to post pictures on the internet

The holiday season is starting. Police are urging people to secure their homes and property before going on holiday. – Close doors and windows thoroughly. It is worth installing outdoor lighting with a motion sensor, and leaving a contact lamp switched on at home. The installed external camera or even its dummy can also effectively discourage the thief – instructs Anna Oleniacz from the Sanok police.

– It is also worth asking a neighbor, someone from the family or a friend to look after our belongings during our absence – complements the uniformed officer.

And he adds. – Let us also remember not to brag about vacation plans or stay on vacation in social media. It is a message to thieves that we are not at home.

Nowosielce in the Sanok poviattvn24.pl

Main photo source: Martyna Sokolowska

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