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Nicaragua – presidential election. Daniel Ortega is starting and is running for his fourth term

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Presidential elections are held in Nicaragua on Sunday. Daniel Ortega, who has been in office continuously since 2007, starts in them. Now, with seven of his rivals imprisoned, he is running for a fourth term.


Daniel Ortega, a dictator backed by Russia, Cuba and Venezuela, is in open conflict with the Catholic Church and most employers and the national media. In Sunday’s elections, she does not need to worry about the international observers who usually follow the voting process in Latin America, as representatives of the Organization of American States and the European Union will not be present in Nicaragua.


This Sunday, as CNN, the Argentine daily “La Nacion”, the Chilean “La Tercera” and other Latin American democratic media agreed, Nicaraguan voters will not have a chance to change the style of government in their own country, as the role of the formal electoral alternative of the current presidential couple it is supposed to meet only a few small “parties”, for which the prize is to be seats in parliament.

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Elections “known to change nothing”

In addition, Daniel Ortega’s Sandinist National Liberation Front tried to protect itself against the effects of losing popularity in society through subsequent changes to the electoral law. Over the past 20 years, they have reduced successively the required majority of votes that should be won by a presidential candidate and his deputy. It was gradually reduced from the original 45 percent to 35 percent.

Elections are held in Nicaragua on SundayPAP / EPA / Jorge Torres

This came after the 2018 street demonstrations that were bloodily suppressed by the police and the military, which participants called for after ten years of Daniel Ortega’s autocratic rule to restore basic democratic freedoms and remove the Sandinist National Liberation Front from power. Several hundred protesters paid their lives for participating in them. Commentators in South American democratic media liken Daniel Ortega’s vote in Nicaragua to elections in Cuba or North Korea, “which are known to change nothing.”

Posters calling for a boycott of Sunday’s elections in NicaraguaPAP / EPA / Jeffrey Arguedas

Along with the presidential elections, a vote takes place in Nicaragua on Sunday, which will result in the election of 90 members of the National Assembly and 20 members of the Central American parliament.

According to a poll published three weeks before the elections in Nicaragua by the Gallup Institute, 65 percent of local voters intended to support one of the seven opposition candidates for the president of Nicaragua imprisoned on the orders of Daniel Ortega, while only 19 percent of eligible people declared their support for the incumbent head of state to vote

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Jorge Torres

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