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Niedzielski revealed the doctor’s details. Criticized by the Minister of Health. The presidents of 100 scientific societies will discuss the crisis of trust

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The presidents of one hundred scientific societies will gather to discuss the “crisis of confidence in the confidentiality of medical records caused by the Minister of Health” – informed the Supreme Medical Chamber. The medical community criticizes Adam Niedzielski after his entry in social media.

Minister of Health on Friday Adam Niedzielski revealed that doctor Piotr Pisula, who spoke about the problems of patients who lost access to prescriptions in the Thursday material of “Fakty” TVN, prescribed certain drugs for himself. The minister has publicly disclosed the name of the doctor.

NIL: presidents of 100 scientific societies to discuss ‘crisis caused by minister’

The Minister was criticized for this, among others, by the Supreme Medical Chamber. Its president Lukasz Jankowski. On Saturday afternoon, the NIL issued a statement. In it, she informed that “at the request of the president of the Supreme Medical Council, the presidents of 100 scientific societies associated in the Conference of Presidents of Medical Societies will meet to discuss the crisis of confidence in the confidentiality of medical records caused by the Minister of Health.”

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Minister of Health Adam NiedzielskiBartosz Jankowski/PAP

Earlier, the president of NIL Ɓukasz Jankowski published letter addressed to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieckiin which he informed that “the medical community has lost trust in Minister Niedzielski” and therefore “considers further cooperation as impossible”.

The Chamber also announced that it will submit “in the coming days notification to the prosecutor’s office in connection with the possibility of committing a crime” by Minister Niedzielski.

Niedzielski: There was no violation of any regulations

On Saturday afternoon, Adam Niedzielski published a statement in which he argued that he acted “on the one hand to defend the good name of the Ministry of Health, but above all to defend the interests of the patient.”

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He explained that the public provision of information about issuing a prescription “was aimed at counteracting the unlawful publication of false data, alleging that it was not possible to issue a prescription for drugs from the group of psychotropic and analgesic drugs”.

Niedzielski wrote that “no one had access to the data saved on the account of the indicated doctor and no one interfered with this account”. In his opinion, “there was no violation of any rules”

Main photo source: Bartosz Jankowski/PAP

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