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Nieporęt. They received a report about a leaking substance and it was pizza dough

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Firefighters received a report of a suspicious leak in a parking lot in Nieporęt. The police were also called to the scene. But the action lasted only a few minutes. It turned out that the suspicious substance that brought the Legion services to their feet was… fermented yeast dough.

The incident took place in a parking lot on Wednesday at Zegrzyńska Street in Nieporęt. At 7:31 p.m., a report was received about the leakage of an unknown substance from a vehicle. Firefighters quickly rushed to the scene. And not only them.

– After arriving at the scene, a police patrol was found working on a parked truck trailer. A thick substance was leaking from it. After analysis, it was found that raw yeast dough was leaking from the trailer. The owner of the vehicle also appeared on the spot – said Junior Brig. Tomasz Suracki from the fire brigade in Legionowo. Since there was no threat, firefighters ended their operations at 7:49 p.m. One team worked on site.

– It turned out that the substance was leaking from the food truck where the bakery is located. Firefighters determined that the leak was fermenting dough. It had no harmful impact on the environment – Rafał Markiewicz from the Warsaw Police Headquarters described the situation.

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According to the findings of “Gazeta Powiatowa”, it was pizza dough. “The fermentation process produces carbon dioxide. The dough fermented so intensely that it began to leak through leaks in the container, causing a false alarm,” the local newspaper wrote on its website.

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