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Niezabitów. A 41-year-old man stole a tractor, ran away from the police and damaged two police cars. He had 1.7 per mille of alcohol

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One he pushed to the side of the road, and he struck the rear with all his force. Thus, a 41-year-old man, escaping with a stolen tractor, damaged two police cars that chased him. When the police stopped the tractor driver in Niezabitów (Lublin Province), it turned out that he was drunk.

It started with the fact that on Sunday (August 22), around 10 p.m., the police received a notification that a farm tractor worth PLN 75,000 was stolen in Kolonia Niezabitów (commune of Poniatowa).

On the spot, the uniform found out that the thief was driving a stolen tractor on the nearby dirt roads. The officers managed to track him down. And when he saw the police, he started to run away. Three police cars followed him. The tractor driver left the unpaved roads and reached the asphalt road in Niezabitów.

The impact force was so great that the tractor engine stopped working

The tractor damaged the back of one of the police carsKPP Opole Lubelskie

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– There, one of the police cars participating in the chase overtook the tractor and slowed down trying to force the man driving it to stop. This one, however, did not intend to give up – says staff aspirant Edyta Żur from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Opole Lubelskie.

The tractor driver pushed one of the police cars to the side of the road and hit the one in front of him with all his force. According to the police, the impact force was so great that the engine stopped working in the tractor. This made it possible for a uniformed thief. It turned out to be a 41-year-old resident of the Poniatowa commune. The man was drunk. He had 1.7 per mille of alcohol in his body.

He committed not only theft, but also an active attack on the officers

– He is in trouble now, because not only was he drunk, he stole a tractor, did not stop for inspection, but he also actively attacked the officers – emphasizes the policewoman.


After he sober up, further procedural steps will be taken against the 41-year-old. The tractor has already returned to the owner.

Main photo source: KPP Opole Lubelskie

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