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Nigeria. A boat capsized on the Niger River. The guests from the wedding were returning by boat. At least 100 people drowned

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At least 100 people have drowned after an overloaded boat capsized on the Niger River, the Associated Press reported. The accident happened in Kwara state in north-central Nigeria, according to authorities, the boat was carrying people returning from a wedding.

At least 100 people have drowned after a boat capsized on the Niger River in the north-central state of Kwara, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

The accident happened on Monday. The boat was carrying people returning from a wedding in the village of Egbota in Niger state, which is adjacent to Kwara state, local authorities said. Among the victims are many women and children. “The bodies are still being searched for,” said Kwara State Police spokesman Okasanmi Ajayi on Tuesday afternoon. He added that several people survived.

Boats on the Niger RiverIllustrative photoMarianoblanco / Shutterstock

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“Many of the victims drowned because the accident happened around 3am and nobody knew about it for several hours,” said one local resident, quoted by the Associated Press.

Accidents on the Niger River

Fatal accidents on Nigeria’s rivers are common. Most accidents are caused by the poor technical condition of boats, which are often manufactured by home-made methods.

Another cause of frequent sinking is overloading – usually more people board the boat than common sense would dictate, the AP noted. That’s what happened in this case too.

The Niger River is the third largest river in Africa in terms of length (4,221 km) and basin area (approx. 2.1 million sq km) (after the Nile and Congo). It flows through the territory of Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin and Nigeria. The states of Nigeria and Niger took their names from her.

Main photo source: Marianoblanco / Shutterstock

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