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Night action of services in the Baltic Sea. They received a report about a sinking barge, divers from Spain had trouble at sea. “Their boat had a breakdown”

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There were many doubts about the divers rescued on Sunday night from the vicinity of Górki Zachodnie in Gdańsk (Pomerania). It turns out that they went under water near the critical infrastructure – Naftoport, where oil products are transshipped, and the foreigners, although they did not have any permits, had professional equipment that would allow them to go under water for a long time.

On Sunday at 2 am, the services towed a boat with three foreigners from the Baltic Sea at the height of Górki Zachodniewho claimed to be Spaniards. Their unit had technical problems and the help of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service was needed.

– The police officers initially determined that the boat was not equipped with the basic elements guaranteeing safety, including navigation lighting, means of communication and rescue equipment. In addition, the officers determined that the crew of the boat did not have permission to operate this unit and did not obtain permission to dive – Deputy Commissioner Karina Kamińska from the press office of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk told us at that time. And she added that “policemen in connection with this event have prepared documentation that has already been transferred to the Port of Gdansk Authority”.

They dived near Naftoport

The area where the foreigners stayed is located near the critical infrastructure, namely Naftoport, where units of crude oil and petroleum products are transshipped at the Port of Gdansk.

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As Cezary Przepiórka, deputy captain of the Port of Gdansk told the editorial office of Trójmiasto.pl, the matter requires additional explanations, but the problem is that only one of the Spaniards has been identified, and the telephone numbers of the others are incorrect or inactive.

“The police did not see anything suspicious about it and did not investigate the case. Spaniards they were released, they were not held for identification, further explanations, why they had a vehicle, probably a submersible drone, on the boat, what they were doing there. Only a note was made, says Przepiórka.

Equipment used by Spanish diversMaritime Search and Rescue Service

Professionals on an unregistered boat

It is professional equipment that raises the most doubts of experts. Foreigners were to have, among other things, specialized equipment, thanks to which they could move quickly underwater, even for longer distances, and remain unnoticed. Their equipment indicates that they are experienced divers.

Another element that would require clarification is the verification of the history of divers who claimed that they were looking for amber underwater. Searching for amber underwater at night is rare and requires, among other things, ultraviolet lamps. Those on the boat they were sailing were not there.

The boat itself wasn’t even registered either. It had no markings.

Service inquiries

As trimiasto.pl writes, the Port of Gdansk Authority sent a letter to the police to determine the current whereabouts of the Spaniard, who was described in the police note as the ship’s helmsman. This may prove difficult, because, as the editors have established, they have probably already left Poland.

The Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk did not want to provide information on this matter. We were sent to the Police Headquarters in Warsaw.

We also sent inquiries regarding the possibility of diving near critical infrastructure to the Internal Security Agency. We are waiting for answer.

Rescue operation in the area of ​​the Vistula estuary

The rescue operation of divers took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, Rafał Goeck, told PAP that police officers, fire brigade officers, paramedics and rescuers from the Świbno Coastal Rescue Station participated in the operation. Rescue operations started at 1.53am. We received a signal from the fire brigade about a unit that is in trouble north of Górki Zachodnie, Goeck said. Initially, the services had a signal about a sinking barge. Later it turned out to be a four-meter motorboat.

The red, four-meter motorboat broke down about three nautical miles north of Górki Zachodnie in the area of ​​the mouth of the Martwa Wisła. The crew of the unit – three divers from Spain – struggled to regain control of the unit. “(…) they have been diving in the area where they were found for at least six hours” – the Maritime Search and Rescue Service reported on social media.

Chilled, but no hospitalization

According to Goeck, the sea conditions were difficult: the wind force was 7-8 on the Beaufort scale, the air temperature was 6 degrees Celsius, and the water was 3 degrees Celsius. Rescuers began searching for the sinking vessel along Sobieszewo Island to the area Westerplatte. The search for the unit lasted over an hour. The motorboat was located approx. 2.7 nautical miles (approx. 5 km) north of Górki Zachodnie. “The boat of the victims did not sink, and ultimately had a failure of the steering system, and thus had no maneuverability,” the Maritime Search and Rescue Service reported on social media.

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As reported, the Spaniards and the boat were transported to the port. There they were taken into the care of the medical rescue team and the police.

“Spanish nationals were slightly hypothermic but did not require hospitalization,” Goeck said.

Main photo source: Maritime Search and Rescue Service

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