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Night action of services in the Baltic Sea. They received a report about a sinking barge, divers from Spain had trouble at sea. “Their boat had a breakdown”

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Night action of services in the Baltic Sea. According to the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, the first signals spoke of a sinking barge. It turned out that the divers from Spain had trouble. Their motorboat had a breakdown and was a few nautical miles offshore. The divers and the boat were brought to the port.

Spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, Rafał Goeck, told PAP that the action, which took place from Saturday to Sunday, was attended by police officers, firemen, paramedics and rescuers from the Świbno Coastal Rescue Station. Rescue operations started at 1.53am. We received a signal from the fire brigade about a unit that is in trouble north of Górki Zachodnie, Goeck said. Initially, the services had a signal about a sinking barge. Later it turned out to be a four-meter motorboat.

Rescuers: the boat of the Spaniards had a breakdown, it had no maneuverability

The red, four-meter motorboat broke down about three nautical miles north of Górki Zachodnie in the area of ​​the mouth of the Martwa Wisła. The crew of the unit – three divers from Spain – struggled to regain control of the unit. “(…) they have been diving in the area where they were found for at least six hours” – the Maritime Search and Rescue Service reported on social media.

According to Goeck, the sea conditions were difficult: the wind force was 7-8 on the Beaufort scale, the air temperature was 6 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature was 3 degrees Celsius. Rescuers began searching for the sinking vessel along Sobieszewo Island to the area Westerplatte. The search for the unit lasted over an hour. The motorboat was located approx. 2.7 nautical miles (approx. 5 km) north of Górki Zachodnie. “The boat of the victims did not sink, and ultimately had a failure of the steering system, and thus had no maneuverability,” the Maritime Search and Rescue Service reported on social media.

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As reported, the Spaniards and the boat were transported to the port. There they were taken into the care of the medical rescue team and the police.

“Spanish nationals were slightly hypothermic but did not require hospitalization,” Goeck said.

Main photo source: Pomeranian police

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