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Night of Museums Katowice and Silesia 2024 – program. When and which museums will be open?

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Vernissages, mining walks, concerts and meetings with ghosts from legends – these are just some of the attractions planned in Silesian cultural institutions in connection with this year's Night of Museums, which will take place on the night of May 18-19. We tell you where to go.

On Saturday night, from 6 p.m. to midnight, guided tours will be available Provincial Office in Katowice. Visitors will sit on council benches in the Silesian Parliament Hall, dance the Viennese waltz in the Marble Hall and visit the Vestibule, where they can admire the reconstructed four bas-reliefs constituting the “Allegory of the Silesian Voivodeship”.

Additional attractions will include a beaded elevator, a vault and an escape tunnel. There will be a photo booth and a play corner for children. The visit will be confirmed with a special certificate.

Theater and Film Department at the Katowice History Museum invites you to visit the permanent exhibition “The Barbara and Stanisław Bird Museum” and the temporary exhibition “Provocation is decoration” by Franciszek Starowieyski. The event will also include presentations of three films, workshops and a concert of popular arias and songs performed by Piotr Rachocki and students of the First and Secondary State Music School. Karłowicz in Katowice.

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In Zabrze you can take advantage of the opportunity to go sightseeing Queen Luiza Adit and Guido Mine. Visitors will be able to enjoy: an underground mining walk (320 meters underground), the history of the coal industry, the largest Mining Machinery Park in Europe and an underground adit rafting (the longest in Europe).

Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” will prepare an event called “Plague in the open-air museum”. The main theme will be the plague and diseases that plagued the former village. Guests will hear regional stories, and on the trail they will encounter ghosts and fears from ancient tales and legends.

Also in Chorzów, more precisely in Metallurgy Museum, the Saturday night program will show the connections between steel and the arms industry and the uniformed services. The museum has planned, among others: military equipment demonstrations, an obstacle course with a shooting range and fighting dog demonstrations. The night will begin with a concert of the Orchestra of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Katowice.

There will be a workshop zone for children, including the art of camouflage, kite-making, and dog tag making. On the occasion of the Night of Museums, you will be able to visit the “Kingdom of Iron” exhibition, the active “Minec” forge, the cellars of the former research and experimental plant of the Kościuszko Steelworks and the temporary exhibition “Upper Silesians in war mode”.

The youngest were invited to spend the night at Bajka Pana Kleksa in Katowice. Children will be able to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Kleks, who got stuck on the other side of the mirror because of his Bebok jokes.

You can also celebrate the Night of Museums on: City Museum in Siemianowice Śląskiewhere openings of the exhibition “Visions III” will be prepared, based on the legends of Siemianowice, and an exhibition of paintings by Maciej Bieniasz – co-organized with the Archdiocesan Museum in Katowice.

On Friday at 9 p.m. the museum game will start. “Et omnia”, which will be an interactive event on the museum grounds, combining elements of a field game, a quest and a live role-playing game. After the fun, the Night of Poets 2024 will take place, with music by Adam Bul.

“Everyone has their own bird, i.e. a Silesian hobby” – this is the slogan of this year's Night of St Municipal Museum of M. Chrobok. Visitors will be able to enjoy a temporary exhibition (with the same name as the event's slogan), joint music making, a presentation of photographs and a concert of the Brass Band of the Coal Mine “Pokój”.

It will also open its doors to visitors State Archives in Częstochowa. They are planned with employees, during which they will be able to visit selected archival warehouses, obtain information about stored archival materials, how to secure and make them available, and learn how and where to look for personnel and payroll documentation.

The City Hall in Katowice has also prepared a short cheat sheet on where to go.

– Temporary gallery Within the city, Urban Art invites you to visit until 10 p.m. There are many additional attractions waiting for you during the event, including: painting a large-format inscription KATOWICE.

– NOSPR invites you to explore the nooks and crannies of the building after dark and unique concerts of Hans Zimmer's music from the film Interstellar with cosmic projections.

– Academy of Music Karol Szymanowski in Katowice invites you to a concert of 17th and 18th century music at 18:00.

– The Silesian Organ Museum invites you to individual tours and organ concerts from 17:00 to midnight.

– The Katowice History Museum and the Silesian Museum open their doors for longer, presenting permanent exhibitions and many other attractions from 18:00.

– The Porcelain Factory invites you for unforgettable walks around the former factory spaces and film screenings, as well as a meeting with the friendly Bebok Boguc!

– Bajka Mr. Kleks invites you to a game with live narration, will you be able to find the missing Mr. Kleks?

– Blot. Magia Kina cordially invites you to visit during the Night of the Muses, during which visitors will face an intricate intrigue prepared by the ruler of the wolf.

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