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Nightly Israeli attacks on Hamas hideouts and bases

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The Israeli army killed several dozen fighters of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip during an overnight ground operation, the Israeli armed forces reported. Approximately 600 Hamas targets were fired upon during the previous day. At tvn24.pl we summarize the most important events in recent hours from Israel and the Gaza Strip.

> Ground forces Israel eliminated Hamas fighters who barricaded themselves in buildings in the Gaza Strip and tried to attack Israeli troops. In addition, the Israeli air force carried out a drone strike on a Hamas base, killing about 20 people. Several dozen people were injured.

> The Israeli army said that among the approximately 600 targets fired on Sunday in the Gaza Strip were weapons depots, as well as Hamas hideouts and bases.

> Israeli airstrikes hit areas near Al-Shifa and Al-Quds hospitals in the Gaza Strip. Armed forces clashed in the border area east of the southern city of Khan Yunus, Palestinian media report.

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> Palestinian officials said about 50,000 people had taken refuge in Al-Shifa hospital.

> TVN24 reporter Maciej Woroch compared Gaza City to “the ruins of Warsaw after the uprising.” As he said, the Israeli authorities are talking about 1,500 Israeli casualties and 5,441 injured. The Palestinian authorities report that more than 8 thousand Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and 116 in the West Bank, a 22 thousand Palestinians are injured.

> Doctors and Red Crescent activists were to hear a call from Israeli forces to evacuate Al-Quds Hospital. There are 400 patients in the facility. As Woroch said an hour ago Polish time, the bombings are still ongoing. – Two minutes ago you could hear bombs falling – said the reporter.

Israel: 239 hostages in the Gaza Strip

> Gaza residents say they heard gunshots and explosions throughout the night.

> A convoy of 23 trucks carrying humanitarian aid entered the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening through the Rafah crossing on the border with Egypt – reported the Israeli portal Ynet, citing Egyptian officials.

> President of the USA Joe Biden pressured the Israeli prime minister on Sunday Benjamin Netanyahucalling on him to protect civilians in Gaza and “immediately and significantly increase the flow of humanitarian aid,” the White House said.

> The Israeli military said on Sunday that calls to evacuate Palestinians to the south of the Gaza Strip to areas away from the operation against Hamas were urgent.

– For the past two weeks, we have been calling on residents of the northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City to temporarily move to the south. This is to ensure their safety. Today we emphasize that this is an urgent call, said Israeli army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

Fierce fighting continues in the Gaza Strip

Fierce fighting continues in the Gaza Strip

> Michał Wojnarowicz, Israel analyst in the program Near East and Africa said on TVN24 that Israel’s main goal is to eliminate Hamas. – Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested that the main goal was to destroy Hamas and deprive this organization of its agency. The hostage case is equally important. Perhaps Israel’s international and military pressure will cause Hamas to release some of these people without any particular influence from Israel, Wojnarowicz claims.

> The Israeli military on Sunday signaled its intention to encircle Gaza, the capital of the Gaza Strip, by publishing photos of battle tanks on the enclave’s west coast 48 hours after ordering it to expand ground operations into the Gaza Strip, Reuters reported.

> Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari announced that 239 hostages are being held in the Gaza Strip after they were kidnapped during Hamas’ attack on Israeli territory in early October. This number – as the Israeli army spokesman emphasized – may increase.

> According to the Israeli government, more than half of the hostages held by Hamas hold foreign passports from 25 countries, including 54 Thai nationals.

Israeli tanks in the Gaza StripPAP/EPA/HANNIBAL HANSCHKE

> Israel on Friday evening began the second stage of its war against Hamas, sending more ground forces to the Gaza Strip. According to the authorities, the most important goal of the operation – apart from destroying Hamas – is the release of hostages held in the Gaza Strip.

> In Lebanon, which is mired in economic crisis, there are growing fears that the country will be drawn into a war between Israel and Hamas. According to the Israeli authorities, it could have disastrous consequences for him. The Washington Post writes about the situation in Lebanon during Israel’s war with the Palestinian Hamas. Meanwhile, on Sunday evening, Hezbollah, operating from Lebanese territory, announced that it had shot down an Israeli drone. For the first time since the conflict escalated.


> Yad Vashem is transforming part of its facility in Jerusalem into a school to create a learning environment for children evacuated from the Gaza Strip, the Times of Israel reported on Sunday.

> In the war between Israel and Hamas, 3,195 children have already died in just three weeks, which is more than have been killed each year in all conflict zones in the world since 2019, the humanitarian organization Save the Children warned on Sunday.


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