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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Nike Award. Letter on migrant children read out during the gala

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Like your children, this little girl is wearing a romper. This one is already stiff with dirt. How your little daughters, when they were one and a half years old, is still uncertain. This is the age when children start imitating animals, running away with a chuckle, leafing through books with a loud ‘u’. We say then that they are sweet, we wear them on our hip and, despite our exhaustion, we are happy. One can not think about this girl only when one avoids the photo with the eyesight. One look at her is enough for you to see in her playfulness, the simplicity of your children’s looks. And one look is enough to disagree with their death in the forest. You must do everything in your power to get them warm milk and medicine today. If politicians cannot see them, let us help them, let us remind them that they also have children and grandchildren. Let us remind you that our ancestors had to flee more than once and someone helped them. Let us show that no political divisions are important if we are talking about breathing, about the gleam of an eye, about the warmth of a particular child’s body. Humanitarian organizations must be admitted to the state of emergency immediately and the deportation of refugees to the forest must be stopped. As mothers, as families, as human beings, we address ourselves beyond political divisions to mothers, families and people who influence decisions about the eastern border. We all know how to help a sick, hungry, chilled or scared child. We cannot allow children in our country to be transported to death in the forest. Make one call today to someone you know who can keep these children from dying. It’s very simple: they haven’t had anything to eat for hours, they need to act immediately.

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