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Nobel Peace Prize for Narges Mohammadi. Award ceremony – when? Family at a meeting with the media

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Today the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. The winner was Narges Mohammadi – an Iranian defender of women’s rights. The award will be received on her behalf by her family, who usually lives in France. – I will probably see my mother in 30 or 40 years, or maybe never again, but it doesn’t matter because she will always be in my heart – said Kiana Rahmani, the Nobel laureate’s daughter, at a meeting with the media.

Narges Mohammadi – who is in prison in Tehran – thanked her loved ones for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At Saturday’s meeting with the media in Oslo, the winner’s husband and children emphasized that they were proud of her and hoped that the award would be another pretext to talk about what is happening in Iran and how the rights of citizens, especially women, are respected there.

– In Iran, anyone who is not with the regime is under pressure. If you are asking what this award will bring, then from the point of view of the regime authorities, it is a political award and even more pressure will be placed on Narges. However, it gives space to echo the voice of citizens around the world. This is not an award for power, but for strengthening the position of civil society, said Taghi Rahmani, the winner’s husband.


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Kiana Rahmani, Mohammadi’s daughter, said she last saw her mother when she was nine years old. – She is currently serving a ten-year sentence, but she faces further trials for her letters and speeches. I will probably see my mother in 30 or 40 years, or maybe never again, but it doesn’t matter because she will always be in my heart, she said.

Ali Rahmani, the winner’s son, emphasized that “democracy and freedom are values ​​that must be respected and fought for.” – I think I will see my mother in two, five or ten years, but if that doesn’t happen, as my sister said, we will always be proud of her and we will continue to fight, just like many Iranians do in the country and abroad – added.

Ali and Kiana RahmaniPAP/EPA/Frederik Ringnes

Narges Mohammadi is serving a 12-year sentence in an Iranian prison for “spreading anti-state propaganda.” The awarding of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to her was met with condemnation by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, ruled by fanatical ayatollahs. Tehran accused the Nobel Committee of “meddling” and politicizing the issue human rights.

The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded on Sunday at Oslo City Hall on the anniversary of the death of founder Alfred Nobel.


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