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Nobel Prizes 2021: when will they be awarded? In what areas?

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The Nobel Prize in Medicine will start on Monday with the Nobel Prize. Among the people mentioned as candidates for the award granted by the Karolinska Institute are the creators of the mRNA technology used in the production of vaccines against the coronavirus.

On Monday, a committee of the Karolinska Institute will award the Nobel Prize in Medicine. According to Reuters, serious candidates for the award are the creators of the mRNA technology used to produce vaccines against coronavirus – Hungarian-born Dr. Katalina Kariko, biochemist from BioNTech and prof. Drew Weissman from the University of Pennsylvania. Scientists have already received the Lasker Prize for 2021.


The mRNA technology allows cells to produce harmless fragments of viral proteins that the human body uses to build an immune response to prevent or fight further natural infections.

Nobel week

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The Nobel week begins with the Monday medical Nobel award. On Tuesday The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences will nominate the winner in the field physics, and then on Wednesday, in chemistry.

First Thursday October is reserved for ceremonies in the Stock Exchange Hall at the premises of the Swedish Academy in Stockholm. Mats Malm, secretary of this body, will reveal the name of this year’s laureate Nobel Prize in Literature along with a brief justification of the choice. It usually does so in the language of the Nobel Prize winner as well.


On Friday in Oslo, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee will be announced winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. According to the Nobel Institute, 329 nominations were received this year, 234 of which are people and 95 organizations. It is the third largest number of nominated candidates in history. The director of the Norwegian Peace Research Institute (PRIO) in his private list of favorites indicated in the first three places: the organization fighting for press freedom, Reporters Without Borders, the Belarusian opposition activist Sviatlana Cichanouska, and the executive secretary of the UNFCCC climate panel, Patricia Espinosa.

Nobel laureate in the field economics we will meet in Monday October 11 in Stockholm. The founder of this award is the Bank of Sweden and it is the only additional Nobel Prize that Alfred Nobel does not mention in his will.

The Nobel Prize is a gold medal and a calligraphed diploma, as well as money. Last year, the Nobel Foundation increased the value of the prize money in each of the six areas by 1 million kroons (98 thousand euros) to 10 million kroons (980 thousand euros). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death on December 10 will not be held in Stockholm. Just like last year, the winners are to receive prizes in their countries through Swedish diplomatic missions. The decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo is expected in mid-October.

Main photo source: MARY ALTAFFER / EPA / PAP

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