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Noble Package for refugees from Ukraine. The Family Base of the Solidarna Paczka has been launched

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Szlachetna Paczka launched the Solidarna Paczka Family Database on Saturday. A special edition of the charity campaign is aimed at refugees – it is to help people who fled to Poland before the war in Ukraine.

As explained on Saturday by Joanna Sadzik, president of the Spring association, which organizes the campaign Noble Package, on the website www.szlachetnapaczka.pl for three weeks, stories of refugee families will appear. – Each of us will be able to read these stories and choose a family that will decide to prepare a package tailored to their individual needs – she indicated.

Sadzik: Their world has shrunk to the size of one suitcase

– The world of war refugees from Ukraine it had shrunk to the size of one suitcase. That is why they need help, solidarity, our presence and the feeling that they are welcome guests, said the representative of Spring.

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People who escaped from Ukraine – recalled Sadzik – lived a life similar to ours, they had loved ones, houses, favorite cafes, friends, their children had friends from the yard, favorite cookies and toys. – Now they have so little. Looking at them, we see ourselves, because it could have been us – she added.

The organizers gave the example of Mrs Olena and her two children, who before the war had a house in her native country with a wardrobe full of clothes in it. “Today they are asking for summer clothes and shoes; they had kitchen drawers with food and goodies – today they are hoping to get a package of durable food” – they wrote.

The Family Base of the Solidarna Paczka has been launchedNoble Package

How to help refugee families as part of the Szlachetsza Paczka?

People who want to help refugees under the Solidarna Paczka can go to the Szlachetna Paczka website and choose a family in need. As emphasized by the organizers, the Package is help always tailored to the needs of the needy. The donors will receive an exact shopping list with confirmation of their choice by e-mail.

At each stage of preparing the package, donors can contact the volunteer who looks after the family. Completed packages, wrapped as a gift, should be taken to the indicated warehouse of the Noble Package during the Weekend of Miracles (June 25-26). On the same weekend, the prepared package will go to a selected needy family through volunteers.

According to the organizers, families ask for clothes, shoes for the summer, for example. It can be equipping the rented apartment with pots or other equipment, a language course to start speaking Polish and start looking for a job here, a laptop or a phone that will help children learn and the family in contact with their relatives. There are also requests for a voucher for glasses or food store vouchers to ease the household budget.

Needs are identified on the basis of meetings of the volunteers of the Noble Package with refugee families all over Poland. According to the organization’s data, over 460 volunteers are involved in this form of activity. So far, they have visited over 700 families.

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