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Noble Parcel 2022. Donors wanted, family base still open. Weekend of miracles from Saturday

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At the end of the Noble Parcel, there are still people in the family base who may not receive gift parcels. Friday is the last day on which you can go to the action page and offer help to a selected family. The deadline expires at 11 pm, and on Saturday volunteers will hand over the packages to those in need.

Not all families registered for help this year as part of the Noble Box have donors yet. During the “weekend of miracles” – the final of the action, which will start on Saturday, December 10 – and in the following days, over 15,000 families will receive support, but around 100 people may still not receive the package. Needs vary from food and hygiene products, through clothing and footwear, to duvets, blankets and household appliances.

Finale of the Noble Box 2022

On Friday at 23:00 deadline for donors to report to support those in need. In the family database on the website Noble Parcel there are still families who may not receive packages. You can choose “your” family even several hours before the final of the Noble Box, which is why the organizers of the campaign encourage you to prepare gifts.

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“Let’s not let any families be left without their Parcel. All you need to do is meet the three most important needs – look for them in the family description. Let everyone have their Noble Parcel on the Weekend of Miracles, which starts tomorrow,” reads the message on the Szlachetna Paczka website.

Many gifts will be prepared at the last minute, so the part that cannot be organized in one day will be delivered to those in need after the “weekend of miracles”.

Preparations for the Noble BoxTVN24

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Noble Parcel. Basic family needs

As Joanna Sadzik, president of the Spring association, emphasized in an interview with TVN24 reporter, the needs of people reported for support this year often concern basic issues. The social worker points out that the financial situation of the poorest Poles is getting more and more difficult, because more and more often the most urgent need reported by families turns out to be food.

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– Last year it was enough for food and the most basic things, and this year in every package for an elderly person there is food and cleaning products, ie those things for which they had money a year ago – emphasizes Sadzik. – We hear from Maria that she doesn’t need anything. But when we ask her what the shopping basket looks like, tears flow and she says: okay, you caught me, I really don’t eat enough because I want to pay all the bills, I don’t want to be thrown out of the apartment, I’m very afraid of it – reports the president of Wiosna .

This year, Szlachetna Paczka wants to reach 620 locations with support. In 70 of them, volunteers will be there for the first time or will return to these places after years of absence. The official inauguration of the Family Base took place on November 12.

Mrs. Dorota lives in a training house, she has less than 600 zlotys to live on. Hundreds of people are waiting for the “Noble Parcel”TVN24

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