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Noble Parcel 2022. Hundreds of families are still waiting for help

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There are still many families waiting for help in the Noble Parcel base. On Tuesday morning there were 1,783 of them. Meanwhile, this weekend the volunteers will visit those in need and give them packages prepared by donors.

The organizers emphasize that currently the main goal is to find donors for all families that have been qualified to participate in the action. Yes, so that the number of people waiting for help, which appears on the page szlachetnapaczka.plwas 0.

On Tuesday at 11 o’clock the counter reported that donors were still looking for donors 1783 familiesa 13 684 already found them. You can only choose the family or person you want to support until Friday, December 9th.

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You can help wisely

Natalia Daniło, one of the volunteers of the Noble Box, spoke on TVN24 about why it is worth helping. “It is smart, concrete help. You can really see her. We, as volunteers, visit families, check what they need and how we can help – explains Daniło.

On the action page you can find a description of each family and person who can be helped. There are also lists of things they need. – This is food, cleaning products, a stroller for a little girl who wants to go to kindergarten – the volunteer enumerates. He points out that most “wishes” meet absolutely basic needs.

The TVN24 interlocutor points out that “in the Paczka, it is best to help in the package”. – Invite your friends to join us. The most important thing is to just want it. Go to the website, choose a family, call friends from work, school, colleagues, and share tasks. It is important that the donor meets the three basic needs chosen by the family – explains Daniło.

This year, the Noble Box wants to visit more than 20 thousand families in over 620 locations throughout Poland. In more than 70 of them, the program is organized for the first time or after years of absence. The official inauguration of the Family Database took place on November 12 in the Wisła Kraków media pavilion – the list is available on the website of the Noble Gift campaign. Only two hours after the opening of the base, almost half of the families already had their donors – 1,429 people declared their support for 3,303 waiting for help.

The list of families is on the website szlachetnapaczka.pl

Main photo source: TVN24

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