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Noble Parcel. Joanna Sadzik: we are halfway through

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The “Weekend of miracles” of the Noble Parcel is underway. “We’re halfway through at the moment. 62 percent of the parcels delivered, i.e. 9,601 families, are already happy – said Joanna Sadzik, president of the Spring Association, in an interview with TVN24. The parcels will go to a total of nearly 15.5 thousand families in Poland.

On Saturday, the “Weekend of miracles” began – volunteers Noble Parcel for the 22nd time they set out to help the most needy. They will reach nearly 15.5 thousand families across the country.

Sadzik: we are halfway through

In an interview with TVN24, Joanna Sadzik, president of the Spring Association, the organizer of the Noble Box, admitted that the beginning of the week was difficult. – We compared the number of families that need help and the number of people who volunteered to make packages to last year and it was very sad. Especially since we received such information after appeals in the media from our previous donors: “Listen, I will not make a package this year because I am paying off the loan and this loan has crushed me” – she said.

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– We thought about plan B and C. Back then we were talking about whether if a thousand families stayed on Friday, how to solve it, or maybe do a “Weekend of miracles encore”. But fortunately, largely thanks to you, we managed, the last family was selected just after 8 pm on Friday. This is a family that will receive help, she noted.

Gifts in the Szlachetna Paczka warehouse in PrzemyślPAP/Darek Delmanowicz

“We’re halfway through at the moment. 62 percent of the parcels delivered, or 9,601 families, are already happy, she said.

Sadzik pointed out that this year due to inflation “We are reaching out to people who have worked honestly all their lives.” – They’re off at the moment retirement and as the fees increased, as the cost of food increased, they do not even have enough for this – she said.

“Beat Poverty”. Debate on TVN24

Joanna Sadzik will be a guest on Sunday “Overcoming Poverty” debates on TVN24. On this occasion, Marcin Zaborski, who led the debate, drew attention to the Noble Parcel report on poverty in Poland.

– This report is an amazing source of information about poverty because it doesn’t just show statistics. They are of course very important. We know that 1.6 million people in Poland live in extreme poverty, but poverty is not just charts, tables and statistics, it is simply people, faces, stories of specific people, he said.

The debate will start on Sunday at 8 pm. The program will be available on TVN24, as well as on the Internet at TVN24 GO.

Main photo source: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

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