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Noble Parcel. The final of the action is underway, during the weekend of miracles, 15,000 families will receive packages from donors

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Over 15,000 families will receive help in this year’s edition of the Noble Box. On Saturday, the “weekend of miracles” began, i.e. the final of the charity action, during which volunteers deliver packages to people in need. – Thanks to the fact that there are people who want to share their own time and happiness, thousands of families in need regain hope this year – said Joanna Sadzik, president of the Spring association.

From Friday, donors brought gifts to Szlachetna Paczka warehouses all over Poland, which from Saturday – as part of the so-called “weekend of miracles” – reach people in need. In this year’s edition, volunteers reach over 15,000 families. A pool of families managed to ff

This is the 22nd edition of the event. The packages prepared by the donors contain basic necessities – including food, clothing and hygiene articles – as well as other necessary items, such as household appliances.

The Noble Parcel in PrzemyślPAP/Mateusz Marek

The Finale of the Noble Box. “We meet both smaller and larger needs”

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TVN24 reporter Konrad Borusiewicz visited one of the Szlachetna Paczka warehouses in Krakow on Saturday. As he learned from the coordinator of the point, Anna Mrozek, donors have been bringing gifts since Friday. – Today, as you can see, these parcels have already accumulated quite a bit. Our warehouse serves 67 families. It’s happening all the time, donors are coming – said the volunteer.

The Noble Parcel in PrzemyślPAP/Mateusz Marek

The parcels included, among others, large appliances – such as a washing machine or a refrigerator. The donations are adapted to the needs of specific families submitted for support in this year’s edition of the event. – We meet the larger and smaller needs of these families. Among the larger ones there are washing machines and refrigerators, everyday items without which we are unable to function. But there are also smaller needs, which I think are as important as food or clothes, Mrozek noted. She assessed that “what we give out comes back”.

“Thousands of families regain hope”

As Joanna Sadzik, president of the Spring Association, the organizer of the Noble Gift, said on Saturday, the “Weekend of Miracles” is a special time of the year, full of emotions, emotions and joy. – On Saturday and Sunday, volunteers knock on the door of those most in need and provide help prepared by donors, which responds to specific needs – said Sadzik.

Among those in need is, among others, 10-year-old Ivan, who will receive a fold-out sleeping chair from donors, thanks to which he will not have to share a bed with his father. On the other hand, Mr. Karol with a mental disability will receive an oil heater, and Ms. Aneta, for whom a floristic course has been prepared, enabling her to improve her professional qualifications.

This year, help will also go to, among others, Mr. Marek, Mrs. Jolanta and their 10-year-old son Łukasz. The boy suffers from an extremely rare genetic disease that makes him not feel full and cannot control his physiological needs. Mrs. Jolanta is also disabled, so she is unable to work, which is why she rarely leaves the house. Mr. Marek practically takes care of the house on his own. The high cost of treatment for Łukasz and Mrs. Jolanta and the growing cost of living leave the family with only PLN 394 per person per month. They asked their donors for pots, pans, clothes and cleaning products.

According to President Sadzik, this year is extremely difficult for everyone due to the economic situation.

All families with support

Donors could register their willingness to help families by Friday. That morning, there were still about 50 families in the family base who were in danger of not receiving support. Thanks to the mobilization of donors, this number has been reduced to zero. This means that all persons reported to the Noble Parcel family database will receive help.

“Thanks to you, Dear Donors and Volunteers, this year 15,482 needy Families will receive wise help as well as hope and encouragement” – informed the Spring Association in a press release.

Main photo source: PAP/Mateusz Marek

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