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Nocyceptor in the question from “Millionaires” for half a million zlotys

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What does the nociceptor react to: to the darkness of the night, to low-power infrared, to a sweet taste or to stimuli that damage tissues? This question for half a million zlotys was heard in “Millionaires” by Mr. Leszek Kędzierski from Września.

Mr. Leszek started the game in the Thursday episode. In it, he gave nine correct answers, and then the program ran out. The next episode began with a question for PLN 250,000, which the competitor also answered correctly.

Then Mr. Leszek heard the question for half a million zlotys. He had one lifebuoy at his disposal – half and half.

What does the nociceptor react to?

A: for the darkness of the night B: for low-power infrared C: for a sweet taste D: for tissue-damaging stimuli

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Nociceptors are the sensory neurons responsible for the sensation of pain. They can trigger defense reflexes. They react, among others to stimuli damaging tissues or low temperature. They are also called pain receptors. So the correct answer is D.

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