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#NoKitu. Aleksandra Gajewska and Krzysztof Bosak clashed in Radomir Wit’s TVN24 GO program

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Aleksandra Gajewska (Platforma Obywatelska) and Krzysztof Bosak (Confederation) clashed with each other in Radomir Wit’s program “#BezKitu” on TVN24 GO. They answered a number of questions, including the rights of women in the context of pregnancy registration, the introduction of a new subject, History and Present, in schools, and the possibility of introducing compulsory vaccinations against the coronavirus. Both politicians and the host of the program, Radomir Wit, had red buttons at their disposal to interrupt the other person’s speech and counter it.


The “#BezKitu” program on TVN24 GO, hosted by TVN24 political reporter Radomir Wit, featured on Sunday the Civic Platform MP Aleksandra Gajewska and the Confederation MP Krzysztof Bosak, as well as students and students.

Gajewska and Bosak in the program “#BezKitu”

At the beginning, the profiles of political guests were presented. They were presented in the form of recordings in which other MPs spoke about Gajewska and Bosak.

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The first of the topics discussed in the program was the Ministry of Health’s proposal that the Medical Information System should record, inter alia, the fact that the patient is pregnant.

Gajewska stated that perhaps in other countries where it would be introduced, it could be considered that such a solution would be more effective. However, she stated that in Poland “perinatal standards are not maintained”. She also addressed other legal issues related to pregnancy more broadly, including the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of 2020, as well as the citizen’s bill on a total ban on abortion, which was rejected by the Sejm. – In our country, we are forced to talk to radicals and fanatics – she said.

Krzysztof Bosak assessed that in Poland “there is a need to discuss the legal aspects of the protection of life”. – They require reflection and proper regulation – he emphasized. Therefore – as he said – he wanted the project to be further processed. He noted, however, that this does not mean that he agrees with his assumptions, as it “contained serious flaws”.

Bosak: a discussion is needed on the legal aspects of the protection of lifeTVN24

Gajewska to Bosak: you create an apparatus oppressive against women

During the discussion about the situation of pregnant women, both Gajewska and Bosak used the red button to repost each other’s words.

– You create an apparatus oppressive towards women, towards doctors, you do not allow us to use the achievements of medicine, what is the resource of the 20th century – Gajewska asked Bosak. The Confederate representative countered the words.

– It is a lie to say that we are creating an apparatus of oppression against doctors, it is also a lie to say that we forbid the use of medical achievements – he said.

– Do not try to convince us women and our families that our rights are protected – added Gajewska.

Gajewska: do not try to convince us women and our families that our rights are protected

Gajewska: do not try to convince us women and our families that our rights are protectedTVN24

Questions whether HiT can become a school hit

Another topic discussed in the “#BezKitu” program on TVN24 GO was the issue of education. Radomir Wit’s guests discussed the new school subject – History and Present. The subject is to apply from September of the following year, and the core curriculum is just under preparation.

Read more about the item History and the Present

According to Gajewska, this subject is “going to be boring, speed of propaganda”. Bosak stated that “the current education program is not at all related to what life is like”.

– I am a supporter of the differentiation of educational models, creating one program for everyone is a misunderstanding – assessed the Confederation politician.

Students also took the floor in the discussion and presented their perspective on the fact that HiT is to be present in schools.

Questions about compulsory vaccinations

The next topic was the epidemic. Bosak and Gajewska were asked, inter alia, whether compulsory vaccinations against COVID-19 should be introduced in Poland.

Gajewska said that you should listen to experts on this matter. – I would like us to believe in medicine, believe in medics. I understand employers who would like to wisely manage their resources – she said, thus referring to the discussion on introducing the possibility for employers to check whether their employees are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Bosak said that anyone who comes to the conclusion that they want to get vaccinated should be able to do so. – On the other hand, the assessment of these risks [związanych ze szczepieniem – przyp. red.] in my opinion, it should take place in consultation with a doctor – he added.

Interactive formula “#BezKitu”

“#BEZ KITU” is an interactive program. Internet users can use the hashtag “#BEZKITU” on social media, and the host will be able to share some of the content with the guest. The program shows once a month.

Main photo source: TVN24

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