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Nord Stream 1. Russia suspends gas transmission to Germany – Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk and Joanna Flisowska comment

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Russia completely suspends gas transmission to Germany via Nord Stream 1. The reason is the renovation of the gas pipeline. – Everyone is afraid of what will happen in 10 days, whether Russia will resume these deliveries – admitted Dr. Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk from the Forum Energii think tank in “Yes,” on TVN24. Joanna Flisowska, coordinator of the “Climate and Energy” team at Greenpeace Polska, pointed out that the consequences of the last seven years of omissions, wrong decisions and blocking renewable energy sources are now visible.

The company Nord Stream 1 announced on Monday that it had begun the gradual shutdown of the pipeline through which Russian gas flows to German. The feed of the raw material is reduced in order to carry out maintenance work. Renovation works are to last until July 21.

– We, as Poland, are in a good situation, but we also depend on gas supplies to the European Union, and today the review of the infrastructure, i.e. Nord Stream 1, with which gas flows from Russia to Germany – said Dr. Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk from the Forum Energii think tank in the TVN24 program “Tak jest”.

– Everyone is afraid of what will happen in 10 days, whether Russia will resume these deliveries. We are in a difficult position as European Unionand as Poland we can backfire despite the fact that we predicted that Russia and Gazprom they are not a stable supplier. We, as Poland, have always known about it – she added.

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Earlier, in response to Western sanctions, Gazprom cut off gas supplies to the Danish company Orsted and to Shell Energy under a contract for gas supplies to Germany. The Russian concern has also suspended deliveries to the Dutch company GaSTerra and Bulgaria, Poland and Finland for refusing to make payments for Russian gas in rubles. At the same time, also other European Union countries, due to the reduced supplies of Russian gas, have a problem with filling their storage facilities, which may turn out to be particularly painful in the winter, but it is already causing shortages and high prices of the raw material on the market.

Mallnow gas compressor stationEPA / FILIP SINGER

Will Poland run out of gas?

Gawlikowska-Fyk pointed out that there are different variants of the situation regarding the availability of energy resources in Poland. – Of course, there are scenarios that mean that there will be a shortage of gas, not for the entire economy, because it is also very clearly defined that we first protect vulnerable customers, primarily households, but also public institutions, such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals. Perhaps the industry will run out, she said.

As she added, industry, including nitrogen plants, is the largest consumer of natural gas in Poland. – For today it is difficult to say what the situation will be, what will be the policy dictated by the Kremlin. On the other hand, gas flows to Poland, while coal is still there. Although we can see problems with its availability, the one that so far translates into very high price levels, both for gas and coal, and, as a consequence, for electricity and heat – noted Gawlikowska-Fyk.

Renewable energy sources

Joanna Flisowska, coordinator of the “Climate and Energy” team at Greenpeace Polska, pointed out in “Yes,” that “at the moment, Poland lacks the right solutions, alternatives to fossil fuels, coal and gas, there is a lack of appropriate programs supporting efficiency energy, supporting thermal insulation of buildings, thermal modernization, all those activities that would allow us to reduce the demand for fuels “.

According to Flisowska, “nothing has really happened in the field of energy transformation for seven years.” – Instead of developing renewable energy sources, wind energy has been completely blocked. Now we see more logs thrown into the development of solar energy in Poland, the only renewable energy that really developed, and on the other hand, we listened to fairy tales about 200 years of coal. The fact that we will continue to develop coal-fired energy in Poland – pointed out the representative of Greenpeace Polska.

– It was known from the very beginning that such a coal revival in Poland had no chance of success. Now we can see the consequences of these seven years of inaction, wrong decisions and blocking renewables. This is the fact that for seven years nothing has been done to prepare us for this situation, we have even been pushed further towards such an energy crisis – she added.

Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk from Forum Energii was asked if Poland is a country that would be able to generate enough energy from renewable sources to be self-sufficient. – In the European Union, we do not think about the fact that any country should be self-sufficient, because these wind conditions and weather conditions, because we are also talking about photovoltaic energy, i.e. the production of electricity from the sun, they are different at different times. Connections (energy connections between countries) are there to support each other – she explained.

As she noted, currently 16 percent of electricity in Poland is produced from renewable energy. – You can do much more – she emphasized.

The government on Tuesday accepted draft amendment to the act on investments in wind farms. Now the regulations will go to the Sejm. The project allows for the possibility of creating a new wind farm at a distance from the existing residential building that is less than the 10H rule, but not less than 500 meters. Currently, such a power plant cannot be built at a distance shorter than 10 times the height of the planned wind farm. The 10H rule was introduced by law in 2016.

Main photo source: EPA / FILIP SINGER

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