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Nord Stream 2. President Biden on an agreement with Germany

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US President Joe Biden stated that it was not possible to stop Nord Stream 2 as the construction of the pipeline is almost complete. He added that Germany – as part of an agreement with the US – undertook to react to possible hostile actions by Russia against Ukraine. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki took the floor on the agreement on Nord Stream 2 signed by the US and German administrations on Thursday.

The administration of US President Joe Biden and the German Foreign Office announced on Wednesday in a joint statement agreement to end the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. As part of the agreement, the US is withholding sanctions on NS2, and Germany will invest in Ukrainian projects and undertake sanctions in the event of hostile actions by Russia.


“99 percent complete”

– Nord Stream 2 is 99 percent completed. Nothing that could be said or done could stop it, Biden said after appearing in CNN’s televised debate with an audience in Kentucky. The US president added that he had “fruitful discussions” with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about Nord Stream 2 about Germany’s commitment to respond should Russia take action to intentionally harm Ukraine or other countries.

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During Merkel’s visit to the White House last week, Biden stated that Nord Stream 2 was “a bad gas pipeline and a bad deal,” but added that the agreement with Berlin aims to limit its negative effects on Ukraine and overall energy security and stop Russia from using the gas pipeline as a weapons. The same is stated in the text of the US-German agreement published on Wednesday.

Under the agreement, which is not a legally binding document, Germany is to invest in Ukrainian energy projects, create a special fund worth $ 1 billion, and undertake sanctions in the event of hostile actions by Russia. Berlin is also expected to use all means of pressure to ensure that Ukraine continues to receive Russian gas transit fees after the current agreement expires in 2024.

US President Joe BidenPAP / EPA / Al Drago / POOL

“It is a project that helps Russia to arm itself”

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, during a press conference in Białystok, when asked about the position on the agreement signed by the American and German administration on Nord Stream 2, replied that “from the very beginning, when this idea was born, we tried to convince our American and European allies that it was a project which helps Russia to arm itself. “

Russia is a country that is arming itself very much, has a lot of possibilities in this regard, which is why we thought it was the wrong project from the beginning, explained Morawiecki.

He added that five years ago Poland made a decision to become independent from Russia. – Today we are in a much better position and the Russian blackmail, which threatened us until recently, is no longer a threat to us – said the head of government.

– We are aware that the construction of this gas pipeline will probably be completed. However, we, Poles, are safe through our preventive actions – said Morawiecki.

The head of government also said that the 180-degree change in the US position “surprised many countries”. – I can only express my words of disapproval that our partners approached this gas pipeline egoistically – said Mateusz Morawiecki.

“I presented our assessment of the situation”

On Thursday, the deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marcin Przydacz, met with Derek Chollet, who is the Undersecretary of State and political advisor to the US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken.

As the deputy minister said, the main topic of the talks was the issue of energy security and Nord Stream 2, also in the context of the US-German agreement.

– I presented our assessment of the situation, the Nord Stream 2 project itself has not changed in this regard, Poland considers this project harmful to the security of not only Ukraine, not only Central Europe, but also the security of the whole of Europe, making the European Union dependent on Russian gas. contrary to previous declarations regarding the need to diversify energy carriers – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He added that the Nord Stream 2 project is “a kind of geopolitical project”. – Contrary to the earlier assurances of the German side, which emphasized that the project is of an economic or economic nature. As we can see, the great political commitment, also of Chancellor Angela Merkel herself, only shows that this project is a political project and is dangerous for the security of Europe – said Przydacz.

He stressed that the issue of the published agreement between the US and Germany does not change anything in Poland’s assessment.

Nord Stream 2 is almost finished

Nord Stream 2 between Russia and Germany is almost ready. In the future, 55 billion cubic meters. natural gas is to be pumped annually from Russia to Germany via two lines of Nord Stream 2, each approximately 1,200 kilometers long.

Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelinesPAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Al Drago / POOL

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