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North Korea. Flood. Flooded intersections, people wading in the water

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The flood following heavy rains struck the city of Sinuiju, located in northwestern North Korea, on the border with China. Over 130 liters of water per square meter fell there.

Korean Central Television (KCTV) reported that the city of Sinuiju experienced its worst rainfall of the year on Thursday. By 4 p.m., at least 132.5 liters of water per square meter had fallen there.

Sinuiju is located in northwestern North Korea, on the border with China, on the Amnok River.

North Korea floodingReuters

Flooded streets in North Korea Reuters

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Flooded intersections

Videos from a city in the north-west of the country show buses and other vehicles crossing flooded junctions and roads. Streets turned to rushing torrents, people wading in water that was half a dozen calves.

State television also published material about the floods in the neighboring cities of P’ihyŏn, Ryongch’ŏni and Yŏmju. You can see how the rivers have risen.

The situation in North Korea may even worsen as a result of the floods. The UN’s annual food security report, released on Thursday, showed that the country’s malnourished percentage reached 41.6 percent between 2019 and 2021, up from 33.8 percent. in the years 2004-2006.

Flooded roads in North Korea Reuters

Flooded intersections in North Korea Reuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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