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North Korea. Kim Il Sung’s 111th birthday. Kim Jong Un’s grandson was missing from the recordings of the celebrations

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On Saturday, the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, celebrated the 111th birthday of the first leader of this state, Kim Il Sung. However, the recordings made available by the regime’s North Korean television did not include the grandson of Kim Il Sung, who currently rules the country of Kim Jong Un.

The video shows thousands of students taking part in the celebrations. There was a fireworks show and traditional North Korean dances. April 15 – Kim Il Sung’s birthday is celebrated as Sun Day in North Korea. It is the most important public holiday of the year.

Kim Il Sung’s 111th birthday. Grandson Kim Jong Un was absent from the celebrationsReuters

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Kim Il Sung

Kim Il Sung is considered the founder of North Korea. In 1948, he proclaimed the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. He himself was appointed prime minister, and later received the rank of marshal. Kim Il-sung was called the “eternal leader”. In 1972, he became president of the country.

In 1950, Kim Il-sung attacked South Korea, which started the so-called Korean War. The conflict ended with a truce, but no peace treaty was signed.

Kim Il-sung died on July 8, 1994 at the age of 82, after half a century of ruling North Korea in an atmosphere of unprecedented personality cult. The birthday of his son, “dear leader” Kim Jong Il, is also celebrated in a similar way.

Main photo source: Reuters

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