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North Korea. Kim Jong Un – Vladimir Putin – relations. Kim about tightening cooperation, declares support

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has promised to “hold hands” with Russian President Vladimir Putin and strengthen strategic cooperation towards the common goal of “building a powerful country,” North Korean state media reported. According to these reports, the leader of the North Korean regime defended Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine and showed him “full support and solidarity.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un he turned to Vladimir Putin in a letter on the occasion of the Russian national holiday, Day Russia North Korean news agency KCNA reported. The communist leader defended the Russian president’s decision to invade Ukraine and showed him “full support and solidarity”.

“Justice will surely prevail, and the Russian people will continue to add glory to the history of victory,” Kim said in a message published by a state-run North Korean news agency.

Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin (photo from April 2019)ALEXANDER ZEMLIANICHENKO/EPA/PAP

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“Holding hands tightly.” Kim’s declaration

Kim also called for “closer strategic cooperation” with Moscow, “holding hands firmly with the Russian president in line with the common desire of the peoples of both countries to fulfill the great goal of building a powerful country,” it added.

North Korea sought closer ties with the Kremlin and supported Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine last year, blaming the “hegemonic policies” and “arrogance” of the US and the West for the start of hostilities.


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