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North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Jo Jong, in the highest organ of the state: the State Affairs Committee

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Kim Jo Jong has established herself in the power apparatus of the Pyongyong regime. The sister of the North Korean leader was incorporated into the State Affairs Committee, the highest body in the country led by her brother.

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The façade parliament of North Korea formally approved the election of Kim Jo Jong to her brother’s State Affairs Committee at Wednesday’s meeting, according to a statement released by the official KCNA news agency.

The leader’s sister has long been recognized as one of the most influential people in the country, but membership of the Commission is by far the highest official position she has held. The promotion strengthens its position in the North Korean apparatus of power, notes the American CNN station.

Kim Jo DzongValery Sharifulin / TASS / Getty Images

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The only woman on the committee ranks

Kim Jo Jong was deeply involved in matters concerning Pyongyang’s relationship with Seoul and Washington. It regularly issued statements condemning the US for allegedly “hostile policy” towards its country.

CNN points out that a total of eight new members were elected to the Commission as part of a personnel reshuffle, of which Kim is the only woman. At the same time, nine people were removed from the list of members, including the 82-year-old Pak Pong Dzu, who has been involved in economic policy for the last 10 years.

The high-ranking military commander Ri Piong Czol, associated by CNN with North Korean armaments, also lost his position in the commission. He was replaced by General Pak Jong Chon, who was in charge of developing new types of weapons.

Pak oversaw a missile test this week in which, according to KCNA, a “new type hypersonic missile” was launched into the Sea of ​​Japan. If this information is true, it could potentially be one of the fastest and most precise weapons in the world, capable of carrying nuclear loads, writes CNN, citing experts.

At present, however, it is not known how advanced the North Korean development of the hypersonic missile system is, or where the technological idea behind it came from.

Rockets on the Korean PeninsulaPAP

Main photo source: Valery Sharifulin / TASS / Getty Images

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