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North Korea. Media: Pyongyang suspected of supplying arms to Russia in exchange for luxury goods and white horses

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“North Korea is suspected of sending arms to Russia in exchange for luxury goods and a train full of white horses for leader Kim Jong Un and his family,” South Korean daily Dzoson Ilbo reported, citing anonymous sources. White horses are used, among others, in Kim’s propaganda message. They recently took part in a parade in Pyongyang.

According to a South Korean newspaper, Kim was giving away imported from Russia horses of the Orlov trotter breed to relatives and high-ranking dignitaries. Some of these animals appeared during a recent parade in Pyongyang. North Korean media showed Kim and his daughter on white horses.

“Trains between Russia and North Korea started running again last November after a two-year hiatus, and the first thing they brought back was luxury goods for Kim Jong Un’s family and high-ranking officials, instead of people’s necessities,” one source said. .

Symbolic white horses

White horses have great symbolic meaning in North Korea. Kim had already posed on a white mount against the backdrop of a winter landscape on his way to the holy mountain of Pektu, together with his wife Ri Sol Dzu. They looked like “a pair of plump elves” from “The Lord of the Rings” – judged “Dzoson Ilbo”.

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A volcanic peak on the border China and North Korea is the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula (2,744 m above sea level) and – as the Reuters agency puts it – the spiritual homeland of the Kim dynasty.

In 2019, Kim photographed himself on a white horse as he traversed the snowy fields and forests around Paktu. The photographs were accompanied by an extensive description to emphasize the importance of this event. “All the associates accompanying Kim, who witnessed the wonderful moment of his emotional and happy contemplation for the sewing of Pektu, are sure that a great operation is imminent, which will once again amaze the world and be the next step for the Korean revolution,” Pyongyang’s official KCNA news agency wrote at the time.

Kim Jong Un rides a white horse across the slopes of the holy mountain of PaektuPhoto from 2019KCNA

Wagons with ammunition from North Korea were to go to Russia. The US showed pictures

Authorities USA accused North Korea in November 2022 of secretly supplying weapons to the attacking Ukraine Russia. Then there were reports of the first train that entered Russia from North Korea after about two years, when the connection was closed and the border was practically closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

>> North Korea ‘secretly gives Russia missiles

The United States in January this year showed Satellite photos claiming North Korea is supplying Russia with weapons. The photos show Russian railway wagons that were loaded with North Korean ammunition in mid-November 2022, and then found their way into the hands of mercenaries from the Wagner Group

The US showed pictures. They are supposed to be proof that North Korea is supplying Russia with weapons Reuters

Pyongyang claimed in response to Washington’s allegations that it had never supplied arms or ammunition to Russia.

Main photo source: KCNA

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