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North Korea. Sister Kim Jong Un on the terms of peace talks with South Korea

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The sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Kim Jo Jong, has declared that her country is ready to resume peace talks with South Korea as long as the South does not provoke the North through “hostile policies and double standards.” It was a response to the speech of the South Korean president, who called for a formal end to the war on the Korean Peninsula.

The President of South Korea, Mun Dze In, during his speech to the UN General Assembly, called for a formal end to the war. The 1950-1953 conflict between the two Koreas ended in an armistice, but a peace treaty has not yet been signed. Mun Dze In said that signing the peace treaty would help in denuclearization and maintaining lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.


South Korean President Mun Dze In PAP / EPA / YONHAP

Kim’s sister makes conditions

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If South Korea meets the conditions and abandons “hostile policies, unfair double standards and prejudices”, the North is ready to hold “constructive talks,” Kim Jo Jong declared on Friday. Pyongyang believes that the examples of “hostile policy” by South Korea and the US include joint military maneuvers and US economic sanctions carried out by these countries, reminds the PA agency.

Earlier on Friday, representatives of the North Korean government rejected the proposal of the South Korean president. “The declaration on the formal end of the war will not help stabilize the situation on the Korean Peninsula at this point, but it will rather be a cover for the hostile policy pursued by the US,” Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Ri Thae Song emphasized in the statement.

Kim Jo DzongValery Sharifulin / TASS / Getty Images

More ballistic missile tests

In recent months, Kim Jong Un has warned that North Korea will strengthen its nuclear arsenal and bring into use new weapons if the US does not abandon its hostile policies. Last week, Pyongyang conducted the first ballistic missile tests in six months that are capable of hitting South Korea and Japan.

Main photo source: Valery Sharifulin / TASS / Getty Images

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