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Northern lights in Poland. The lights of the north danced in the Polish sky

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What a night it was! In many regions of the country, you could admire the Northern Lights – a phenomenon typical of the North Pole. At Kontakt 24 we received photos of the fruits of our reporters’ observations.

Last night delighted us not only conjunction of the Moon and Venus. A very strong solar flare has reached the Earth. The consequence was a riot of colors in the sky, which could be seen even in the south of the country.

The weather in many parts of the country was perfect to admire the aurora. In many regions there was clearing, which made it possible to observe the “northern lights”. The sheer power of the phenomenon was also surprising. As reported on the fanpage “O space and astronautics – Adam Hurcewicz” – “who had a clear sky – had the aurora, simply”.

your photos

At Kontakt 24 we received your observation reports. The phenomenon last night was captured by reporters from Radom and the vicinity of Piaseczno (Mazowieckie Voivodeship), Zduńska Wola (Łódź Voivodeship) and Nowogród (Podlaskie Voivodeship).

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If you also managed to photograph the northern lights – or any fascinating phenomenon – please share your photos and videos on Contact 24.

Northern lights – what is it and how is it formed?

The northern lights are a phenomenon that is typical of the polar regions. It is formed in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere and can take a variety of forms: colored arcs, streaks, bands. Aurorae are generally green, blue-green with patches of pink or red, but blue-white, yellow-green, or purple colors can also be seen.

Their formation is associated with the flow of current in the ionosphere, at an altitude of about 100 kilometers above the Earth. During solar flares, the Sun emits protons and electrons. These particles are mostly deflected by the Earth’s magnetic field. They are caught by the Earth’s magnetosphere and move along the helix path along the magnetic field lines connecting the two Earth’s magnetic poles. As a consequence, there is an excitation of atoms in the polar region, which results in the appearance of luminous glows in the sky.

Northern lights – what is it, how does it look and form? Where can you see the northern lights?

Main photo source: Contact 24

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