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Northern lights in Poland – when and where to observe it? What are the chances of the northern lights on the night of Monday to Tuesday

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On the night from Sunday to Monday, you could admire the northern lights over the northern and central parts of Europe. The colored lights in the sky were also clearly visible from Poland. As explained by Karol Wójcicki, the author of the blog “With the head in the stars”, this was due to a strong magnetic storm caused by “the impact of a dense and fast solar wind”. The chances of seeing the aurora in our country, although not as high as before, are also on the night from Monday to Tuesday.

As explained by the popularizer of astronomy and the author of the blog “With Head in the Stars”, Karol Wójcicki, northern lights visible on the night from Sunday to Monday in high and middle latitudes were a consequence of a strong magnetic storm, which was caused by “a blast of dense and fast solar wind, originating from a combination of the Sun’s equatorial coronal hole and a coronal mass ejection (CME).” He emphasized that “one of the strongest aurora borealis this winter could be observed over the central and northern part of Europe.”

The northern lights were visible in Poland

Wójcicki noted that such conditions for observing the aurora as at night from Sunday to Monday had not been available for a long time.

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As a result, the northern lights could be seen not only throughout Scandinavia (including great visibility in Denmark!), but also in northern Poland, which was clearly visible” – he wrote in a social media post.

One of the people who managed to see colorful lights in the sky from Poland was Mrs. Monika Noetzel from Chojnice (Pomeranian Voivodeship). The effects of her observations can be seen in the photos below.

Northern lights in ChojniceMonika Noetzel

Northern lights in ChojniceMonika Noetzel

Northern lights in ChojniceMonika Noetzel

Northern lights in ChojniceMonika Noetzel

In the footage below, you can see the Northern Lights seen in Swaffham, East Anglia, and from Denmark.

Aurora borealis in time-lapse video seen in Swaffham, EnglandReuters/James Billings Photography

The Northern Lights have been seen in Denmark

The Northern Lights have been seen in DenmarkENEX

Chances of northern lights on Monday

The morning forecasts gave a good chance that the next night we would be able to see the Northern Lights again in our country. The situation worsened during the day. As the author of the blog “With the head in the stars” informed in the afternoon, “storm magnetic field after several hours of high activity slowly expires”, which “practically excludes the possibility of observing the aurora from Poland”.

In the evening, Wójcicki announced that “space weather conditions” had improved, although they were not as good as the previous day. As he wrote, according to the data from 6 p.m., the chance of seeing the aurora on the night from Monday to Tuesday over Poland “is high, not as big as yesterday”. “The aurora is unlikely to be visible stably for a long time, but rather incidental flares for a few minutes that can occur at any time,” he explained. As he concluded, “you have to be extremely vigilant.”

If the aurora appears, the weather will be favorable for observing this phenomenon. In the evening and at night the sky will clear up, so, especially in the north, it is worth going for observations. “Aurora alert” – wrote Wójcicki.

If you manage to see the aurora, take a picture of it and show it off on Kontakt 24. We look forward to your reports.

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Main photo source: Monika Noetzel

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