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Northern lights – March 2023. Will it be visible over Poland?

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Colorful lights in the sky regularly this time of year delight near the North Pole. This was the case on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, among others, over Finnish Lapland. The northern lights, a spectacular phenomenon typical of this part of the globe, could be observed not only there. Once again in the last few weeks it was also visible over Poland.

On the night from Wednesday to Thursday, it appeared over Rovaniemi in the north of Finland northern lights. It was captured by a local photographer who, quoted by Reuters, said it was the best show of dancing lights in the sky since the beginning of this year.

Green, yellow, white, purple and, rarely, red colors could be admired in the sky in this area throughout the night.

Winter and early spring are one of the best times of the year to see the northern lights. It happens that this phenomenon, most often observed near the North Pole, can also be seen at lower latitudes, including a large area of ​​Europe, including Poland.

Aurora borealis over RovaniemiReuters/All About Lapland

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Northern lights in Poland

The aurora borealis also appeared over our country during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, as reported by the popularizer of astronomy and the author of the blog “With the head in the stars”, Karol Wójcicki.

In a social media entry, he added that there is a “small chance” that the inhabitants of Poland will also see the aurora next night.

The previously spectacular aurora borealis over Poland appeared at the end of February. At that time, favorable conditions for observing the phenomenon in our part of the continent prevailed due to the strong magnetic stormcaused by the impact of the solar wind.


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Main photo source: Reuters/All About Lapland

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