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Norway. Increase in ammunition production inhibited by the TikTok hub

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Storing cat videos has threatened to increase our ammunition production, warned the director of Nammo, one of the largest ammunition producers in Europe. The reason is the lack of electricity necessary for the expansion of the factory, the surplus of which was to be taken by the TikTok application data center being built nearby.

Norwegian Nammo, co-owned by the government in Oslo, is one of Europe’s largest producers of small arms, artillery and tank ammunition. However, its director warned that the planned war in Ukraine increasing production at the company’s most important factory has encountered a serious obstacle, the British “Guardian” reports on Tuesday. In located in the central Norway The Hamar region was supposed to lack the surplus electricity necessary for the expansion, which was consumed by the construction of a new TikTok data center in the vicinity.

“We are concerned because we see that storing cat videos has threatened our future growth,” Morten Brandtzæg told the Financial Times. Local energy supplier Elvia confirmed to the newspaper that the power grid now has no surpluses after transferring them to a new data centre. It added that the center received these surpluses because it was the first to claim them, and it will take time to provide the additional capacity.

Ammunition for Ukraine

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Meanwhile, the demand for artillery ammunition is now 15 times higher than usual, and the European munitions industry needs to invest EUR 2 billion in new factories to meet the needs Ukrainesays Brandtzæg. As “Guardian” reminds, it is estimated that Ukraine currently consumes from 6 to 7 thousand. artillery shells a day and more than a year after the start of the Russian invasion, it is struggling with ammunition shortages. Thus, according to Brandtzæg, the new TikTok hub is hampering efforts to meet Ukraine’s war needs.

Nammo’s problem comes at a time when, in mid-March, almost 20 European Union countries reached an agreement on joint purchases of ammunition for Ukraine. According to the “Guardian”, one billion euros is to be spent on compensating countries that provide Ukraine with their ammunition, and another billion to increase the production capacity of ammunition in the EU. Poland also participates in this agreement.

TikTok user data

The “Guardian” points out that Nammo’s plans to expand its production facilities collided with the plans of TikTok, which is trying to improve its image and start storing its users’ data more locally. The Chinese application is accused that the authorities in Beijing currently have unrestricted access to its users’ data, which is facilitated by the fact that this data goes to the servers of e.g. In China. For this reason TikTok has already been banned in many countries on the phones of government officials.

New TikTok centers have been announced – in addition to Norway – also in Ireland. The servers in such centers store content from the customer cloud of many applications, such as e.g. photos and recordings. However, such servers require huge amounts of energy to power and cool them. European Commission estimates that by 2030, data centers will consume 3.2 percent of electricity in the EU, which will mean an increase of 18.5 percent. compared to 2018.

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