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Norway – the new government will allow further exploration of oil and gas deposits

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The new Norwegian government is to allow further exploration of oil and gas deposits. On Thursday, the country is to be headed by a minority government, which will have to seek support from the opposition opposed to the development of the oil industry, the Reuters Agency reported.

The government was formed by the Norwegian Labor Party, which won the parliamentary elections in mid-September, along with the Center Party.


The new government of Norway

According to Reuters, the situation of the government will be complicated by the fact that the campaign before the parliamentary elections was dominated by the oil issue, and the Socialist Left Party withdrew from the coalition talks, precisely due to “insufficient focus on environmental issues and the distribution of goods”.

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However, in a joint communiqué outlining the future government’s policy, the Labor Party and the Center Party said that “the Norwegian oil industry will be developed, not dismantled”. The new office will also maintain the existing system of granting licenses for exploration of raw materials.

Norway – leaders of the winning games Jonas Gahr Store and Trygve Slagsvold VedumPAP / EPA / Torstein Boe

Norway – producer of gas and oil

Norway is the largest producer of gas and oil in Western Europe; this year, about half of the state’s revenues came from the oil industry.

The government of the Social Democratic Labor Party and the provincial Labor Party has 76 seats in the 185-seat parliament.

Meanwhile, according to experts, the fate of the new government depends on the support of socialists, who are opposed to the further development of exploitation of fossil deposits.

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