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“Nothing simpler: ultra fast fashion”. Reportage on TVN24 GO

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Ultra-fast fashion is not produced, as in the case of brands we know from shopping malls, in a few weeks, but even in three days – said Antonina Długosińska, tvn24.pl journalist and author of the reportage “Nothing simpler: ultra fast fashion”, which can already be seen on TVN24 GO. – These clothes are made of very low quality materials. (…) Then it lingers in landfills – she emphasized.

“Nothing simpler: ultra fast fashion” is the latest report by Antonina Długosińska from the series “Nothing simpler”, available on TVN24 GO.

– What we have been dealing with so far is the so-called fast fashion. fast fashion – ed.). What we’re dealing with today is ultra-fast fashion (ultra fast fashion) – said the author of the report. What does it mean? As she explained, “it is not produced, as in the case of brands we know from shopping malls, in a few weeks, but even in three days”.

As she pointed out, “the circulation of these things is also ultra”. – These fast fashion brands, which we have been dealing with for at least a dozen or so years – we are talking about the fact that they litter the planet and are a problem – they produce several thousand of such clothes, accessories and footwear a year. As for the Chinese largest ultra fast fashion player, i.e. the SHEIN store, it produces several hundred thousand articles a year, of which it adds several hundred to even several thousand new items to buy on its website every day, she explained.

“Then it ends up in landfills”

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– These clothes, because they are so cheap, are made of very low quality materials. It’s actually plastic or a synthetic petroleum derivative. This then ends up in landfills – Długosińska emphasized.

Some, she pointed out, buy them “not even to wear three times or for three washes, but often for one photo for social media.” – Often to (…) to boast about how much we could buy, how it fits us. However, the biggest loser of this practice is our planet – said the tvn24.pl journalist.

Low-quality materials from which cheap clothes are made are dangerous to our health. As the author of the report said, “the German branch of Greenpeace found on clothes from this ultra fast fashion model from one of the stores, among others, formaldehyde, other heavy metals, chemicals that may threaten our health.”

Main photo source: TVN24 GO

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