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November 11, 2023. National Independence Day on Saturday. Are we entitled to an additional day off?

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National Independence Day is getting closer. This is a public holiday. This year, however, the holiday falls on Saturday. Therefore, we are entitled to an additional day off from work at a different date.

According to the regulations, we have a total of 13 public holidays. The list includes, among others: National Independence Day (November 11), which falls on Saturday this year.

According to the regulations, employees are entitled to an additional day off for a holiday falling on a Saturday. This applies to people employed under an employment contract.

November 11 holiday on Saturday – am I entitled to an additional day off?

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“Granting a day off due to a holiday falling on a Saturday should take place within the settlement period adopted/agreed by the employer,” explains the consulting company Deloitte. “The employer sets the date of the day off independently, there is no obligation to agree it with the employees. The date is established by announcing it as part of an order or announcement or in another manner adopted by the employer,” he adds.

At the same time, it is worth noting that when taking a day off for a holiday, e.g. November 10 or 13, we have to count three days off in a row with the weekend.

However, it is worth remembering that the employer cannot grant a few hours of time off a day instead of a whole day away from work – the number of days off work in a given settlement period must match.

Some officials had a day off for National Independence Day on Thursday, November 2. This is the result of a government decree designating days off from work for members of the Civil Service Corps.

A day off for a holiday on Saturday is not available to people working under contracts other than employment contracts (e.g. contract of mandate, contract for specific work), as well as those performing certain professions, e.g. teachers.

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