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November 11, Independence Day 2023. Shopping before November 11. A special weekend ahead of us

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On Saturday, November 11, we celebrate National Independence Day. Moreover, next Sunday is subject to a trading ban. This means that we will not shop in larger stores this weekend.

On Friday, November 10, as a rule, stores will be open during standard hours. This will be a good opportunity to make larger purchases due to the exceptional situation this weekend.

November 11

Saturday (November 11) is National Independence Day – it is a public holiday. The activities of stores on this day are regulated by the Act on Restriction of Trade on Sundays and Holidays. This means that the same business rules apply on this day as on Sundays subject to trade restrictions.

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Therefore, only establishments where their owners stand behind the counter can be open next Saturday. Moreover, the Act provides for a catalog of 31 exclusions. The ban does not apply to, among others: in post offices, confectioneries, ice cream parlors, liquid fuel stations, flower shops, newsagents or cafes.

12th November

Sunday, November 12 is another Sunday with a trading ban.

In 2023 – as in 2022 – there are seven commercial Sundays. According to the regulations, the trading ban does not apply on the last Sundays of January, April, June and August, the Sunday before Easter, and the two subsequent Sundays before Christmas (plus trading until a maximum of 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve).

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