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Novgorod. Four boys aged 10 to 12 created the Estate Fire Department

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The Kościuszko District Fire Department. This is the name of the unusual unit, which was established in the town of Nowogród in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. It consists of boys who want to be firefighters in the future. They are already helping the local community. They pour water over melting asphalt or clean up broken branches.

– The pressurized water that flows from our hoses is obtained thanks to a pump to which a screwdriver is attached. We turn it on at full speed, put the hose in the canister with water and we can extinguish it – says 12-year-old Konrad, president of the Kościuszko Housing Estate Fire Department.

This extraordinary unit consists of two twelve-year-olds and one ten-year-old – Hubert, Michał and Grzegorz – who dream of becoming firefighters. They are helping now.

In addition to water canisters and hoses, they also have ropes, bollards and fire extinguishers

The boys want to become firefighters in the futureKosciuszko Volunteer Fire Department

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– In hot weather, we poured water over the melting asphalt. We also helped our neighbor to pump water out of the flooded garage and we cleaned up broken branches in one of the gardens – says the president.

Young firefighters have been operating for six months. At the beginning of July, they started informing OSP Kościuszko about their activities on the Facebook profile. They leave for action from the garage where the combat vehicles are standing. So a wheelbarrow and a cart. In addition to water canisters and hoses, they have ropes, bollards and fire extinguishers. The boys are inspired by the activity of the Estate Fire Brigade, which was recently established in Ochota, Warsaw. The local, grown-ups, friends also want to help the local community and also use the wheelbarrow as a fighting vehicle.

The boys did not wait for adult support

Young people patrol the streets of Novgorod Kosciuszko Volunteer Fire Department

– The greatest thing is that the boys did not wait for the support of adults, but did it all on their own – says the mayor of Nowogród, Grzegorz Palka, who is a firefighter of the Volunteer Fire Department in Nowogród.

Praises young firefighters, including for supporting the commune in informing residents about the possibility of being vaccinated at temporary points or about the planned evacuation when unexploded ordnance has been found in Nowogród. – Two of them are the sons of firefighters, who can already be said that they have participated in the preventive actions of the fire brigade since kindergarten. I am glad that they managed to instill this idea also in two of their colleagues. And as far as I know, the recruitment is still going on and it is not their last word – smiles the mayor.

To buy a fire hose, he collected scrap metal

They have the necessary equipment in a wheelbarrow and a cartKosciuszko Volunteer Fire Department

Bronisław Zwierciadłowski, the president of the Volunteer Fire Department in Nowogród, is also happy about the initiative of young people. – I just hope that the enthusiasm will not subside. I have been a firefighter since 1965. I have already seen a lot of boys who joined our ranks, and then unfortunately left them. Nevertheless, I am optimistic and I hope that when they get a little older they will join our unit – he says.


The enthusiasm of the members of the Kosciuszko Volunteer Fire Department is evidenced by the fact that – quoted in the introduction Konrad – in order to buy a fire hose, he collected scrap metal.

The District Fire Department operates in Nowogród in the Łomża poviat

Main photo source: Kosciuszko Volunteer Fire Department

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