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Now PiS is complaining about Poland abroad. Mateusz Morawiecki argues that there is a difference

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When Rafał Trzaskowski told American congressmen about the situation in our country three years ago, PiS politicians said he was informing on Poland. Beata Szydło argued in Brussels that we should deal with Polish matters in a Polish home. Taking them outside was a high treason for the PiS president. Now the roles have been reversed and PiS is complaining about Poland abroad, but Mateusz Morawiecki argues that it is something different, because PiS is not calling for “the imposition of sanctions.”

– We have the right, and even the obligation, to speak out loud abroad about how our rights are being trampled upon here in Poland – emphasizes Mateusz Morawiecki. It would be difficult to disagree with this argument if counter-arguments had not been made at a different time. – There is nothing worse, I am turning to the Platform’s MPs, than reporting on one’s homeland abroad – emphasized Mateusz Morawiecki in 2023. Similar words were also spoken three years earlier. – You remember their strategy: street and abroad. This was their strategy, Morawiecki noted in 2020. In politics, point of view depends largely on where you sit, and Morawiecki is now sitting on the opposition benches. Hence the change of narrative and language – both Polish to English and Polish to the previously hated German.

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– Do you see a difference between the behavior of those in power before and those currently in power? This is an abyss. We did all this in accordance with the Polish constitution and laws, argues Zbigniew Kuźmiuk from PiS. Over the last eight years, it has been seen abroad in a completely different way, i.e. in Brussels. – Brussels knows perfectly well what happened and what has been happening in recent years in the justice system and the lack of an honest state and the appropriation of the Polish state. They saw this, which is why, among other things, we could not receive EU money – notes Dariusz Joński, MP from Inicjatywa Polska. As soon as PiS lost power, it decided to politically influence EU officials in Brussels, but also, for example, in Poland, and in the Sejm building – during the visit of Vera Jourova, Vice-President of the European Commission.

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PiS distances itself from the previous opposition

From PiS’s point of view, however, this is a gigantic misunderstanding, because Brussels is only now unlocking EU funds frozen for violating the rule of law during the government of Mateusz Morawicki. PiS has a ready answer to this.

– We are not calling, like the Civic Platform MPs, for sanctions to be imposed on Poland. NO. We are not calling for the adoption of a resolution in the European Parliament against Poland, emphasizes Morawiecki. PiS – this is how it wants to see it – simply shares information. – Law and Justice is doing what anyone would do in our place. It objectively informs that the law is being broken in Poland, says Janusz Cieszyński from PiS.

When PiS was in government, the party’s president had a strong position on information provided abroad. – This is a pure coup. This is pure high treason – warned Jarosław Kaczyński.

Main photo source: PAP/Rafał Guz

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