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Nowy Dwór Commune. Bialystok. The 22-year-old allegedly killed his grandfather and tried to kill his grandmother. The defense appealed the verdict

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According to the findings of the prosecutor’s office, the 22-year-old was to hit his grandfather with a wooden stool, pour gasoline and set fire to a house in a village in the Nowy Dwór commune (Podlaskie Voivodeship), where he also lived. The older man died. The court of first instance issued an invalid sentence of 25 years in prison. There will be a further trial, the defense is appealing.

During the trial in the first instance, the defender of the 22-year-old questioned the findings of the investigation, also pointing to a violation of the defendant’s rights in the preparatory proceedings. Ultimately, he applied for an acquittal. Now he has appealed against the invalid verdict, which we wrote about in April.

The prosecution did not appeal. She wanted a sentence of 25 years in prison, and such a sentence was passed before the District Court in Bialystok.

The court of first instance sentenced the 22-year-old to 25 years in prison TVN24

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It looked like a fire, the prosecutor’s office determined that it was a homicide

At first, everything looked like a fire in which one person died and another was injured. On January 18 last year, a house in one of the villages in the Podlasie commune of Nowy Dwór was on fire. This was noticed by the Border Patrol patrol. Doctors who arrived at the scene pronounced the man in his 80s dead. The wife of the deceased was injured.

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After collecting the evidence, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sokółka concluded that it was a homicide. The charges were brought against the 22-year-old grandson of the deceased.

Prosecutor’s office: he hit his grandfather with a stool, choked his grandmother

According to the indictment, he acted with the direct intention of murder and with particular cruelty. He hit his grandfather on the head with a wooden stool, then doused him with gasoline, also doused the house inside and out, and then set the building on fire, the indictment states.

According to the investigators, the young man first attacked his grandmother, knocked her to the ground, beat her and strangled her, and left her unconscious in the building. Instead, he was charged with attempted murder, because the old lady, after regaining consciousness, managed to go outside on her own.

Witnesses said he was agitated and jittery

In his explanations during the investigation, the defendant claimed that after setting fire to the house (where he also lived) he got into the car and went to Dąbrowa Białostocka to fetch his mother. When he returned, the entire building was on fire and emergency services were already on the scene.

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All the witnesses describing the time of the fire said that at the time the boy “was clearly in shock”, concerned and jittery. Medical help was needed (he was given sedatives).

It was about house rules

The District Court in Białystok assessed that there was no doubt as to the guilt of the accused, and the young man was aware of the situation in which he left his grandparents. He found his first explanations, supported by a trial experiment, to be credible, when he indicated how he behaved on the spot, e.g. where he got the flammable substance from, or how he broke a window to get out.

The prosecutor’s office assumed that the motive for the crime could be misunderstandings between the 22-year-old and his grandparents regarding the rules prevailing at home.

Main photo source: TVN24

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