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Nowy Dwór Gdański. Mrs. Klaudia saved the kittens thrown into the water

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Mrs. Klaudia from Nowy Dwór Gdański saved the little kittens that were about to be drowned. From the water she pulled out a sack containing three kittens and a stone. Two animals survived, she took care of them. A 67-year-old woman tried to drown the cats. She was arrested, she heard the accusation. For the abuse of animals with extreme cruelty, she faces up to five years in prison.

Around 20.30 on Sunday, a city camera in Nowy Dwór Gdański recorded a woman walking to a river in a city park at Kopernika Street. She had a tied plastic bag in her hand. She threw it in the water and walked away. It turned out that there were recently born cats inside. Their desperate meows alerted the children playing nearby, and they immediately alerted the adults and services.


One of the women who visited the park with her four-year-old daughter did not remain indifferent to this event. Mrs. Klaudia told the child to wait on the shore, and she herself threw off her dress and went into the water. After a while, she caught the kittens. Two of them were saved, the third did not survive. Mrs. Klaudia took both.

The woman who saved the kittens from the water: I didn’t hesitate

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A resident of Nowy Dwór Gdański described the rescue operation on Monday in an interview with TVN24. She said that the bag was more or less in the middle of the river and that there were sounds and squeaks coming from it.

The fire brigade was already there at that time. – Seeing that the firefighters are not able to reach this bag with their barefoot, and the bag is submerging more and more under the water, not seeing anyone interested in getting into the water, I did not hesitate. Time is running out, I found. Well, I got into this water – said Mrs. Klaudia.

Mrs. Klaudia saved the kittensTVN24

There were three kittens and a stone in the bag. Mrs. Klaudia described that the animals were cold and soaked. – I revived them, asking the rest of the gathered people for help. Then three more kittens were still alive – said the woman.

Two little kittens survived thanks to rescue from Mrs. KlaudiaTVN24

Mrs. Klaudia decided to take care of them. As she reported when she came home, it turned out that one of the kittens was already dead.

With the other two, she went to the vet, where they were given help. Ms Klaudia assured that today they both feel well. – They eat, they take care of themselves, I hope that everything will be okay with them – she added.

Bullying animals with particular cruelty. Up to five years in prison

Police quickly identified the woman who dropped the bag into the water. The 67-year-old was detained several minutes after the notification. She was charged with abusing animals with particular cruelty. After the charges had been brought, she was released. The woman faces up to five years in prison.

1. Whoever kills, kills an animal or slaughters an animal in violation of the provisions of Art. 6 the exclusion of the prohibition of killing animals, the prohibition of animal abuse, para. 1, art. 33 rules for killing animals or art. 34 killing animals in the slaughterhouse, paragraph. 1-4 shall be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for up to 3 years 1a. The same punishment applies to anyone who abuses an animal. 2. If the perpetrator of the act specified in par. 1 or 1a acts with particular cruelty is punishable by imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

Main photo source: TVN24

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