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Nowy Dwór Gdański. The cat fell into the water, they went to save him. Now the mayor wants to find them and thank them

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The video surveillance shows the cat falling into the river. People sitting on the benches next to him came to his aid. Without hesitating, they pulled out the animal, which immediately ran away. Now the mayor of Nowy Dwór Gdański is looking for these people. I want to thank them for their attitude. This is another rescued pet in this place. In August this year, Mrs. Klaudia saved the kittens that had been thrown into the water by another woman.

Everything happened last week on the boulevard in Nowy Dwór Gdański (Pomorskie). The situation was recorded by a surveillance camera. The film shows a cat crossing the river bank, suddenly an animal runs up to him, and he, scared, falls into the water. The situation was noticed by people who – at that time – were sitting on the benches next to them. They immediately rushed to help.

– We had an example of cool behavior of young people who noticed that the cat fell into the water and cannot get out of it. And they pulled him out. It seems such a trivial matter, but if you think about it, this cat would not dig itself out – says Jacek Michalski, mayor of Nowy Dwór Gdański.


Now the mayor would like to find the people who helped the animal to thank them personally.

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– The attitude of these young people proves that the sensitivity to misfortunes – not only of people, but also of animals – is growing – emphasizes Michalski. And he appeals: – Listen to the young people who helped the cat get out of the water and saved his life, I invite you to come to my office. You can arrange the date, day and time with my services, with Krystian Falk (social communication inspector – editor). We will be very pleased if we talk to each other.

This is another cat saved in this place

The mayor also reminded that this was another time when a cat was rescued in this place. In August this year, a 67-year-old woman threw kittens into the water there. Their meowing was heard by Mrs. Klaudia, who she rushed to help without hesitation. She took off her dress, swam to a floating plastic bag, and pulled it out. This situation was also recorded by the city surveillance camera.

In this case, unfortunately, not all kittens were saved – one of the three did not survive. The 67-year-old who threw the animals into the water was arrested and she heard the accusations.

In August this year, Mrs. Klaudia also saved the cats in this place02.08 | The city surveillance cameras in Nowy Dwór Gdański recorded a woman throwing something in a plastic bag into the pond. It turned out to be three little kittens. Then the camera eye captured the dramatic rescue operation of the kittens.city ​​monitoring

– It is also a matter for us to think about what to do so that such animals could save themselves when it comes to the waterfront – adds Michalski.

The Internet users who commented on the recording published on Monday by the Nowy Dwór Gdański commune also remembered about the event from a month ago. As one of the men wrote, the place can be called “Boulevard of the Rescued Kociaka”.

Main photo source: Monitoring of Nowy Dwór Gdański

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