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Nowy Sacz. A drunk truck driver fell out of the cab during a police check. Earlier he was driving a snake and led to a collision

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Nearly three per mille of alcohol in the body had a truck driver who fell out of the cab during a road inspection in Witowice Dolne near Nowy Sącz (Małopolskie Voivodeship). The man was driving a snake earlier, and in one of the parking lots he damaged another car and drove away. The 33-year-old now faces up to two years in prison and a 15-year driving ban.

On Friday, June 9, the police received a report about a truck that hit another vehicle in one of the parking lots in Nowy Sącz and drove off. Despite searches in the city, the perpetrator could not be found.

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Soon after, another person called the emergency number. According to the report of the applicant, a truck was driving along the street in the village of Tęgoborze. As he was to describe, the vehicle maneuvered from the center of the road to the shoulder, posing a threat to other drivers.

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Police: the truck driver was drunk, fell out of the cab

Łososińscy police officers who patrolled the area of ​​Witowice Dolne noticed the truck and stopped the driver for road control.

The truck driver was detained in Witowice Dolne near Nowy SączLesser Poland Police

“After opening the door of the vehicle, it turned out that the man was unable to keep his balance in the chair and fell out of the cabin. Fortunately, the policemen managed to catch him in time. After testing his sobriety, it became clear why a 33-year-old employee of one of the transport companies in Nowy Sącz He has such problems with maintaining balance. It turned out that the man had 2.9 per mille of alcohol in his body, “said the press team of the Lesser Poland Police in a press release.

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The police stopped the 33-year-old driver’s license of several categories. Now a professional driver will not only have to take into account the loss of his job. The man has already been charged with driving while intoxicated, for which he is facing up to two years in prison, and the court may order a driving ban for a period of three to 15 years and a cash benefit for the Victims’ Assistance Fund and Post-Penitentiary Assistance in the amount of five thousand to up to PLN 60,000.

In addition, the man will also be responsible for damaging another vehicle in the parking lot and driving away from the scene.

Main photo source: Lesser Poland Police

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